Mrs. Ahlbrecht's Class
Robert Frost Elementary School
Sioux Falls, SD


South Dakota Communication/Language Arts


  1. Students will write effectively for different audiences and specific purposes.
    1. Use appropriate mechanics, usage, and conventions of language.
    2. Use appropriate style, organization, and form in personal writing.
  1. Students will speak effectively in a variety of formal and informal situations.
    1. Use the appropriate structure and sequence to best express ideas and convey information.


Second Grade Reading Standards

  • Compare plots, settings and characters presented by different authors in various texts .(8)
  • Explain major elements in text to form an understanding of stories and other materials. (example: theme, main idea, problem/solution) (10)
  • Describe the cause and effect relationships in various text. (11)
  • Locate and paraphrase information within text to answer questions. (19)


Second Grade Writing Standards

    • use correct spelling of frequently used words in final copies. (5)
    • use the writing process to generate various forms of writing. (4)
    • write for various audiences (7)
    • write to accomplish different purposes (8).
    • model story structures or organizational patterns. (10)
    • use technology to share writing with others. (17)
    • conference with others to revise and edit written work. (18)

Class Rubric







Ideas and Content          
Word Choice          
Sentence Fluency          
I worked well with my group          
My group worked cooperatively          

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