Mrs. Bradshaw's Class
Colonel William Casey Elementary School
Columbia, Kentucky


Definition Poems

Apples Apples are everywhere

come on and share.

Apples make the world go round

without apples I would frown!

by Ryan

Apples are like...

jewels, ruby, emerald, and topaz.

Apples are good like a pool.

They make you feel good.

by Luke


Red apples are sweet and juicy

when being picked off the fresh trees.

Green apples are sour and sometime

go in a rainy shower.

Yellow apples are munchy and tasty

and they also are bright yellow.

Also some apples have worm holes.

by Miriah


Apples are like a shower.

Apples are like sugar.

Apples have seeds.

by Justin


Apples are slick and shiny

when you cut them open with a knife
  they are mooshy and gooshy.

Apples apples, good and mooshy and shiny.

by Brooke





by Anna

Apples are sweet.

Apples are red.

Apples are yellow, green.

Apples are smooshy.

Some are hard.

by Chasity


Red apples are sweet and juicy like being picked off a fresh tree.

Green apples are slimey on the outside but
good on the inside.

Yellow apples are crunchy and sweet and very good in summer as well.

Leaving the apple department...

by Logan


Even I can eat them.

by Keith


Apples are red.

Apples are fruity.

Apples are big.

by Dustin


Apples are my greatest pal,

They're what make my stomach growl.

You know what?

I think I'll have one right now!

by Paige

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Apples are sweet

just like you and me.

by Brandi


good to eat if you eat them...

by Mary Susan


Apples apples

What are they?

Apples are for us

to eat everyday.

by Lauren


Apples apples good to eat.

If you eat them they taste sweet.

Apples apples red and green.

What a treat!

by Trent


I crave apples.

I love apples.

Apples, apples!

are sweet.

I love apples!

by Tonya


Apples, apples they're good.

I am one and so are you!

They're red, yellow, green and mixed in their own way.

by Lindsey


An Apple

It starts as a flower,

Then fades away.

In its place swells a green pome one day,

Growing until early in the Fall.

Slowly, it turns red and is no longer small.

Finally, it is picked and eaten by all.

by: Mrs. Debbie Bradshaw

We began our apple study with KWL. Students identified areas they were most interested in. The unit grew from there while including our Kentucky

Learner Goals and the academic expectations that go along with them.

Students were to create a definition poem. We brainstormed properties of apples, came up with some poems together and then worked at tables creating our own.

The writing activity included the following academic expectations.

They are as follows:

Goal 1 (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.10, 1.11, 1.16)

Students used research tools (internet, encyclopedias, other people, trade books, observations) to learn more about apples. This gave us sufficient background knowledge to build our writings upon.

Other goals were met throughout the unit including science ( apple experiments, plant development) math( weighing, surveying, bar graphing) social studies (Johnny Appleseed, areas of production, visiting orchard) practical learning (cooking apple pies).   arts/humanities (apple collage)

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