Mrs. Burrell's Class
Dahlgren School
Dahlgren, Virginia


Apple Cinquain Poetry


Apple Pizza

Sweet, drippy

Dripping, eating, tasting

I like apple pizza.


By Damon


Rotten Apple

Ugly, wormy

Disgusting, rotting, stinking

Rotten apples are not good.


By Kimberly



Sweet, Messy

Squishing, tasting, lunching

My Dad likes apples


By Patrick

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Tasty, good

Flavoring, mushing, munching

Apples are good.


By Devin


Apple Pie

Sweet, yummy

Eating, munching, lunching

I have apple pie for dinner.


By Trevor


Apple candy

Tasty, delicious

Eating, munching, flavoring

Hard and sticky and very messy.


By Shannon

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Apple pizza

Drippy, gooooooooooooooood

Flavoring, heating, eating

Apple pizza is very good.


By Jared


Apple Jacks

Sweet, tasty

Crackling, crunching, munching

They are good for breakfast.


By Garrett



Soft, hard

Eating, munching, crunching

Apples are good.


By Eileen

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Apple pizza

Drippy, messy

Smelling, mushing, smooshing

It is delicious.

Junk food

By Matthew


Apple Pizza

Messy, sweet

Eating, squishing, oozing

It is junk food.


By Marissa


Apple Candy

Yummy, smelly

Crunching, melting, tasting

I like apple candy.


By Jeremy

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The DoDEA curriculum standards met with this poetry project were:
  • Reading:

Extend vocabulary through word meaning and word play.

Recognize imaginative uses of language, such as figures of speech, rhyme, and rhythm.

  • Writing:

Generate and expand ideas through a group process.

Use collaborative processes for sharing, responding and assessing during various stages of writing.

Use technological aids throughout the writing process as appropriate

  • Literature:

Recognize and respond to different types of literature


Children’s work was assessed by a rubric as follows:

Level 1: Child did not attempt project.

Level 2: Poem was attempted but was not in the correct format as assigned.

Level 3: Poem was written in correct format. Child needed assistance and borrowed ideas from others.

Level 4: Poem was written in correct format. Child used original ideas.


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