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    Apple Poems


Second grade started the year using our district science kits which focused on trees. Among other things, we studied the functions of each of the parts of the tree, the things that trees need, their life cycle, products, and ecology. We listened to Gail Gibbon’s book The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, had an apple testing activity trying many different kinds of apples, and brainstormed words that relate to apples. After writing all these words onto a chart, we circled all the describing words/adjectives in red; all the action words/verbs in blue and all the nouns in green. Over the period of a few weeks, we read many poems and discussed elements of poetry. Then, using the word lists, students wrote poems using the format provided by our language book, a cinquain, and an acrostic poem. A mixture of these poems was chosen to make up our page.

The assessment sheet was made up specifically for this project. Usually I would use a concise, less complicated criteria sheet for each of the three types of poems. The mechanics section is included on all assessed second grade writing. The students do a self assessment, and I complete the same assessment form.

This is the first time, I have ever tried to do several types of poems in such a short period of time. I would prefer to go more slowly.

  Learning Results / Standards

SAD # 55 Learning Results are based directly on the State of Maine Learning Results:

E. Students will demonstrate the ability to use the skills and strategies of the writing process. (Many forms of writing are included, though poetry isn’t stated specifically.)


F. Students will write and speak correctly, using conventions of standard written and spoken English. Students will be able to:

a. Write using lower case letters unless they can state the rule for using an upper case letter.

b. Use appropriate upper case letters (titles, names, places, I, months, holidays)

c. Show evidence of appropriate use of second grade spelling strategies (using Quick Word,Target Word Lists, charts, the word wall)

d. Correctly spells Target Words. (Kindergarten, first and second grade lists)

e. Shows recognition of misspelled words in their own writing




Apple Poetry

Type of Poem:

original student created poem (using Write Away)

cinquain poem

acrostic poem


Includes the basic criteria for poem:


0 . . .1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . 5


Elements of poetry used:

  • rhyme
  • rhythm
  • repetition
  • repeating the same consonant sound
  • use of details
  • use of "feeling" words
  • use of "sense" words



  • Neat - Polite handwriting on your final copy and finger spacing
  • Evidence of correct use of capital letters - All lower case letters unless you know the rule
  • Evidence of correct use of punctuation
  • Evidence of second grade spelling strategies

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