Mrs. Chartier's Class
McBride School
St. Helens, Oregon


5 W's Apple Poems
Who, What, When, Where, Why

I like to pick them
early in the morning
at a nice old guy's house
because he has a whole bunch of apples that are good

by Kyra

find the seeds
you see them inside
because I bit the apple

by Natasha

apple seeds
they grow into apple trees
in the spring
in an apple orchard
so we can pick them

by Emily

apple tree
the apples fall
in winter
in the woods
because it is windy

by Jennifer

"apple math"
we dug for seeds
after recess
in our classroom
because it was fun

by Kelsey

"apple math"
weighing apples
when it's math time
at the little round table
'cause you're supposed to

by Erik

apple seed
grew an apple tree
at the park
because it rained
by Chaina
like eating apples
for lunch
at home and at school
'cause they are juicy

by Adena

took a bite of an apple
a couple of minutes ago
inside the house
because I wanted to

by Ryan

in the apple
at 12:00
at my house
to get the seed

by Kacy

apple trees
they grow apples
in spring
in the apple orchard
for animals to eat

by Cody

I like to eat them
on the weekend
at my house
for fun

by Austin

I found it
a couple of days ago
at my grandma's house
because I wanted to plant the seeds

by Karleigh

like to eat apples
on the weekends
off the apple tree
because they're fresh

by Jayk

like to make apple pies
on Halloween
in the kitchen
because you make apple pies on Halloween

by Dustin

can find apples
on a tree
in the afternoon
because it's an apple tree

by Jared

an apple tree
in summer
in my yard
'cause we needed apples

by Jake

I ate it
yesterday when I got home from school
at my house
because it was healthy for me

by Stephen

I bit into it
in the middle
because it was good to eat

by Michael

likes to eat apples
once in a while
in front of his house
because they are good

by Gus


Easily understood the 5 W's format
Thought of own ideas
Wrote poem independently
2nd grader: used best "guess and go" spelling
1st grader: used best "guess and go" spelling OR copied the words dictated to an adult accurately

Needed some adult assistance to understand 5 W's format
Needed some guidance to formulate ideas on parts of the poem
Needed some encouragement to write the words he/she chose

Had trouble understanding 5 W's format
Needed lots of adult help with ideas
Had lots of trouble writing the words he/she chose

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