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The circular story Where is the Apple Pie by Valeri Gorbachev inspired our circular poems about apples.


My mom made an apple pie.

The apples in the apple pie came from a tree.

Trees are in the woods.

The woods are big.

Little is the opposite of big.

My sister is little.

My sister likes apple pie.

By Grant


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I made caramel apples.

The apples came from an orchard.

Orchards have lots of trees.

Trees are very nice.

Nice is inside and out.

Out is better than in.

In is to be quiet.

Quiet is when I like to make caramel apples.

By Emily


Apple pie is in the house.

A house has people.

People have dogs.

Dogs go to school to be trained.

School has children.

Children have fun.

Fun is when I play.

When I play, sometimes I get hungry.

When I get hungry I eat an apple pie.

By Kendall


I love Granny Smith apples.

Apples have seeds.

You can grow seeds into sunflowers.

Sunflowers are pretty.

Natalie is pretty

Natalie is my friend.

My friend likes apples.

By Haley


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My sister drew an apple.

Her idea came from an apple tree outside.

Outside is in the backyard.

I play in my backyard.

When I play I get hot.

When I get hot, I want to take a bath.

When I take a bath, I get cold.

My apple is cold, because it was in the refrigerator.

By Becky


I ate a chocolate apple.

My friend likes chocolate apples.

My friend is Haley.

Haley plays outside.

Outside is hot.

An oven is hot.

An oven is used to make an apple pie.

Apple pie has apples

I like chocolate apples.

By Natalie


You can put apple butter on bread.

Bread is made from yeast and flour.

Flour is made from wheat.

Wheat grows in fields.

Flowers can grow in fields.

Flowers look nice in a vase.

A vase can be pained.

I painted a jar.

That jar had apple butter inside.

By Chelsea


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Apples are good to eat at Halloween.

At Halloween you go trick or treating.

You trick or treat at night.

Night can be scary.

Gannon is scary.

Gannon hates apples.

By James


One day Toad’s pie was stolen.

The pie wasn’t at Toad’s house.

Toad’s house had broken windows.

Windows are glass.

Glass is hard.

Rocks are hard.

I like collecting rocks.

I like collecting apples.

By Peyton


Apples are my friend’s favorite.

My friend’s name is Kailey.

Kailey likes to play soccer.

Soccer is a sport.

Sports are a kind of game.

You can play an apple game with apples.

By Kelsey


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I made an apple pie for my brother.

My brother likes legos.

Legos are different colors.

Colors are in the rainbow.

Red is in the rainbow.

Red is the color of an apple.

You can make apples into an apple pie.

By Greg

We have also been reading some of Cynthia Rylant’s Henry and Mudge stories and chose to use an apple theme for some "New Adventures of Henry and Mudge."

Henry and Mudge At The Party

Henry and Mudge were at a party. They bobbed for apples and they fell in and got sucked into a secret pool. Then they swam to an opening. They thought it was a way out, but it was just a way to a cave. So they swam up into the cave. There were bones for Mudge and tons of food for Henry.

They stayed in there for a year and it was Henry’s birthday. He got a birthday cake and he blew out the candles. He wished that he could get out of the cave. They started eating the cake. When they were almost done, they saw a shovel. So they started to dig. It took them ten weeks to dig all the way up.

Then they walked to their house and that took them nine days. When they got home they told their mom all about what had happened. Then they never ever went to a party again.

By Daniel


Henry and Mudge On An Apple Hunt


Once upon a time Henry’s Mom yelled, "Help your little sister find something to eat."

"Mom, do I have to?"


Then Henry got an idea. "I know. We will go on an apple hunt." So off they went on an apple hunt. Every step they heard a crunch. "Stop Mudge," said Henry, but it wasn’t Mudge.

Every time they heard that loud sound Kelsey, the little sister, yelled, "Help, what is that?"

"I don’t know, but I found an apple tree." They ran to the apple tree. They heard crunch, crunch, crunch. "Hey, I know what sound that is. It is Mom eating an apple." So they went and picked some apples and ate them.

By Kailey


Henry’s Birthday


On December 12 it was Henry’s birthday and he and Mudge wanted to get a lot of presents. All that Henry and Mudge got were apples. So they decided to make an apple pie. "How do you make an apple pie?"

He found a recipe card. It said 12 apples, 3 eggs, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and 1 bow. Put all the ingredients together and put it in the oven. So they had apple pie.

By Austin


This project included the following TEKS:

(2.17) The student composes meaningful texts applying knowledge of grammar and usage.

(2.18) The student selects and uses writing processes for self-initiated and assigned writing.

(2.19) The student evaluates his/her own writing and the writing of others.

Evaluation was done with a Writing Rubric.

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