Second Grade Teachers
Richland Elementary
Mrs. Diehl, Mrs. Vaziri, Mrs. Friedman, Mrs. Barber
Memphis, Tennessee


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Once upon a time there was an apple with a worm in it. The worm thought the apple was tasty. He even ate the seeds. Little green branches started coming out of its head. The branches grew bigger and bigger and he could hardly move. He started to look like a green porcupine. He squirmed home and his mother trimmed his branches which later died so that he became just a regular worm again.

By Amelia, James, Kaitlyn, Kevin, Roy, Lee & Brittney....202



The Giant Apples

Once upon a time , there was a scientist who planted two apple seeds. Then they started to grow into huge apple trees. They had the biggest apples you had ever seen. Next, the scientist discovered that they were bigger than his house. The apples began to get riper and riper and jucier and jucier. Finally, the whole town came running down the street to eat the beautiful, red apples.

By: Karionna, Joseph, Akeya, Jeremy, Michael, and Lindsay....204

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The Magic Apple Seeds

Once upon a time there was a man who could do magic. He made an apple disappear except for its seeds. The seeds started to dance. They jumped off the table onto the floor. They danced out the door and fell in the ground. Now there is a tree with golden apples growing there.

By Artiesha, Gregory, Bobby, Steven, Jon & Madison.....202




Our favorite apple stuff is carmel apples. First you get juicy red apples. Next, you put a stick in each apple. Then you melt the carmels in a pan. Dip the apples in the melted carmels and roll in nuts. Let them cool and eat them. Yum! Yum!

By Julisa, Colin, Chase, Tucker, Adrian & Donnella .....202

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The Worm In The Apple

My name is Wormie Worm and I live in an apple. On Friday I woke up and I was so hungry that I ate my house. So I went up to the office where you buy houses. But I did not like the house that they showed me. So I went out and looked for my own. I walked from Mississippi to Washington and found a fruit castle. There, I lived happily ever after.

by: Mallory, Evan, and Michael.....203

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Arthur’s Apple Business

One day Arthur wanted to start his own business. It was called "Arthur’s Apple Business". At first, nobody came. Arthur was sad. But, when Arthur started to cry, a lot of people started to come. When D.W. looked at Arthur she said, "What’s going on?" "I started a business," he said. D.W. asked him if she could have a job and he told her that she was too young.

by Jon, Kensie, Maya, and Caroline.....201


Cloudy With A Chance of Apples

Once upon a time there was a town named Appletown, a town that rained apple products. On Monday it rained apple pies. On Tuesday it rained applejuice. On Wednesday it rained applesauce. On Thursday it rained apple flavored jelly. On Friday it rained apple ice cream. On Saturday it rained apple cobbler. On Sunday it rained apple flavored pancakes. They got so tired of apples, so it rained strawberries and they were happy.

By: McKenzie, Holli, and John?..203

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If I were an apple I would sit on a tree and look at the city. I would see how lovely the big city is and look at the lovely sky. I would go to the zoo and pet the zoo animals. I would see a pretty acorn and say would you like to go with me to the movies . She would say yes so we would go to see "Pokemon 2001". We would have a great time.

By Joi, Kevin, Tyler and Katy…203


Apple Land

Once upon a time there was a land of sweet apples. People worked at apple shops, apple factories, and apple candy stores . Everyone made candy apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There were rare apples of metallic gold and rainbow stripes. Everyone s yard was full of apple trees. Everytime it rained in Apple Land, apples came pouring down. All the people lived happily ever after in Apple Land.

By: Takeya, Shelby, Alex R., Alex H., Bhavna,  and Antwan.....204

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Apples, Apples Everywhere

A long time ago, people were starving, so they tried to grow some apples. First, they planted one thousand apple seeds in their village. Next, one thousand apple trees grew and covered their houses. Apples fell from the trees and landed inside houses on the ground, on cars, on sheds, down chimneys, in rivers, in swimming pools, in cellars and even on people’s heads. So, guess what the village people did? They made apple cider, apple pies, applesauce, apple sandwiches, apple bologna, and apple cake. They were never hungry again.

by: Ben, Lauryn, Clif, Ciara, Monae, Nikki, Pervis........204

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