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After reading Steven Kellogg's Johnny Appleseed: A Tall Tale, students continued the legend by writing about their adventures as one of Johnny Appleseed's relatives. As a prewriting activity, students identified the facts and tall tales from the story. Next, students completed a search on tall tales on Yahooligans on the Internet. In pairs, students read Paul Bunyan online and wrote down at least two tall tales from the story. We also read Aliki's The Story of Johnny Appleseed. Students identified events from the beginning, middle, and end of his life. Afterwards, students wrote about his life on apple shaped paper and illustrated their favorite event in his life in the center.

Gary Appleseed

If I were Gary Appleseed, brother of Johnny Appleseed, I would go to Hong Kong to plant apple trees. I would fight tigers, cheetahs, cougars, and lions. I would tell them I'm tired because I want to plant apples. I would drop the animals off at Jackie Chan's.  Then I would plant apple trees in the jungle. I would invite Jackie and his friends to eat apples. Then I would go to Madera to plant apples for Mrs.Dunn.

Claudia Appleseed

Once upon a time in the spring of 1802 in California, there was born Johnny Chapman's little sister, Claudia Appleseed. When she reached 13, she started to plant apple seeds. In one second, she planted the whole state of California. Then she found another bag full of apple seeds. So she had to move one. She went to Washington to plant more apple seeds. In one day, she planted 109 apple trees. Claudia Chapman got tired from all the work she had done. She planted so many apple trees, people started to call Claudia Chapman Claudia Appleseed. Then Claudia searched all over Ohio to see if she missed planting any trees. That was her lucky day because she didn't have to plant anymore trees or water them because people had been watering them for her. So Claudia went to the forest to have a break from planting apple seeds. She started to play with bears because she was tired. For fifty years, Claudia had been planting day and night, and for the first time she got sick. So other people had to take care of her trees. Then one day, she was so sick that Claudia Appleseed couldn't even walk. Then she passed away.

Vikram Appleseed

In 1807, Vikram Chapman, son of Johnny Appleseed, started planting apple trees. He went to India. He had to wrestle a bear taller than a school. The bear was eating the apple trees as soon as Vikram planted them. He made it! It was easy. Then he set on to space. Over there, he planted apples. Then he went back to India. He got his stuff and went home.

Daniel Appleseed

Daniel Appleseed, Johnny Appleseed's 30 year old cousin, lives in Madera. He lives in California and uses a bowling ball to knock down trees so he can plant apple trees. He picks up the trees with his pinky.

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Becky Appleseed

In 1971, Becky Appleseed wanted to do the same thing as her brother and said, "I'm too young to do this, but here I go." Becky started the journey. She was a little scared when she saw a big snake but then she petted it. She got use to it. She wrestled with bears. Her pet was a wolf. Her house was made out of an apple because she liked apples. Becky Appleseed was tired after her journey but she was excited and wanted to do it again.

Stephanie Appleseed

A long, long time ago, Stephanie Chapman set off to plant trees just like her brother Johnny Appleseed. At the age of 14 in 1803, she would cut ten trees in one second. When it was her birthday, the animals licked her until she was soaking wet. One day, she got too old to go somewhere. She retired, and her big sister took over.

Jonathan Appleseed

Jonathan Appleseed is Johnny Appleseed's older brother. They liked doing the same things. They even traveled together. Jonathan wrestled with bears. In one day, he planted the continents of North and South America except Brazil, Alabama, and New York. Jonathan had 2,000 children. That a lot! He had a mom and dad that lived in a village. Jonathan Appleseed lived a long life to the year 2010.

Taylor Appleseed

I am the baby sister of Johnny Chapman and was born in 1897. I planted trees all over Ohio to Cleveland. Once I went to an apple tree planting competition. I won a humongous TV! But I didn't take it. I said, "I don't deserve it." Everybody said, "What!" I said, "I don't deserve it because I can't beat my brother." Then the world turned into an apple! Everyone turned into an apple because I planted too many trees.

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Flora Appleseed

I am 29 years old. I live in Ohio. I want to go plant apple trees. I love to plant apple trees like Johnny Appleseed my big brother. I could plant five billion in one day! I can pick up a big, big apple tree for exercise. I have planted so many apples that people can eat a lot because they are good for them.

Brooke Appleseed

I am Johnny Appleseed's sister. My brother traveled all over the world in one minute, and he loves apples. He likes to plant them. When he got old, his little sister went ot look for him and she brought her dog Lucky.

Taylor Appleseed

Taylor Chapman, baby sister of Johnny Chapman, decided to plant apple seeds all over Ohio, and she did! Five weeks later,some girls said, "Hey, do you want to see who is the best at cutting trees?" "No!" said Taylor Chapman. "Why don't we have a tree planting contest?" So they did, and guess who won? Taylor Chapman! After that, she moved on to Texas. When she got there, she told little children stories. After she had told them stories, the children would all say Taylor planted the whole state of Texas. After that, it was said that people lived in apples. Taylor Appleseed missed her brother so much that when she cried so hard, the trees cried too. Taylor Appleseed would never hurt a living creature. And every night, she would say her prayers.

Chelsie Appleseed

Chelsie, sister of Johnny Chapman, decided to go plant apples. Her journey started on Ohio and then on to Washington. She planted so many apples, it rained apples. People began to live in apples. Then they start to wear apple leather for their shoes. Then they like apples.

Joe Appleseed

Once upon a time, Joe Appleseed wrestled with bears for fun. He took a break from planting 1,009 apples. Then he got back to work. He went to Fresno to plant apple trees. Then he went to China and then to Mexico to plant apple trees. After that, he went home and went to bed. The next morning he got ready to plant apples all around the world. He got old and never planted apples again.

Abe Chapman

Once upon a time, there was a person name Abe Chapman. Abraham was Johnny Appleseed's little brother. He went aroundthe world to plant apples when he was barely five years old. Abraham Chapman went to Washington just to eat apples and plant apples. His feet were made out of rubber because he stepped on sticks. He also could talk to birds. When Abraham finished planting apples in Washington, he went to San Diego.

Johnny Appleseed's Sister

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jane Appleseed. Her father died when she was a young girl. She decided to go outinto the world to replace her brother's, Johnny Appleseed's, tracks. So she went to Ohio to plant a thousand million trees. When she had her sixth birthday, she visited her Indian friends. When she got there, they were having a war. She was sad because they were knocking down 89 apple trees in one second. They stopped the war when they saw Jane Appleseed and ate apples.

Jordan Appleseed

I'm Jordan Appleseed, Johnny Appleseed's cousin. I'm 2,000 years old. In the summer of the year 2100, I'm living in the city heading south. I am going to SD, ND, and FL. I like to pick up trees with my finger to shake apples off. I've put trees all over the world.

Brandon Appleseed

I am Johnny Appleseed's cousin, Brandon Chapman. I planned to go to Russia to plant apple trees. I left Denver to go to Washington, and I traveled across the world. While I was on my way to Washington, I picked up a 1,000 pound tree with my thumb. I picked up a 1,000 pound school. I went around the world in a half of a second. I picked up the 1,000 pound school because the kids wanted me to. I picked up a tree because I liked to do it. After I was done planting trees, I went back to Denver.

Caitlin Appleseed

I am Johnny's baby sister and am two years old. We traveled all around the world, and we went bare footed wherever we went. Johnny was very tired. He was very busy too. he traveled to Hawaii and to Georgia. He traveled all over the world. I am not sure if I am going traveling with him or not. I am impressed that he traveled that much. He was a hard worker. He was busy as can be.

Samantha Appleseed

My name is Samantha Appleseed. I am 11 years old. I liked my borther Johnny Appleseed. I loved him. He died. He planted apple seeds. I am going to do that too! I will go to San Diego to plant apple seeds. I will pick up a 5,000 pound tree, and then I will pick up a giant that weighs 105 pounds to prove that I am as strong as my brother.

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This was the first writing piece of the school year. This story will be used as a baseline to show students' growth in applying story structureto their writing. The following Writing Rubric was used:

U: Attempt

N: Minimal

S-: Developing

S: Satisfactory

S+: Above Average

O: Outstanding

Students were given a score in four areas

1) Content
Character Development
Inclusion of two tall tales

2) Conventions
Punctuation - period, question mark or exclamation point
Capitalization - first word of sentence, names of people, pronoun I, and names of places Indention

3) Handwriting
Letter formation
Correct spacing

4) Spelling
Correctly spells three and four letter short vowel words and grade level high frequency words

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