Donna Marshall's Class
JFK Elementary School
East Islip, New York


Yummy Apple Creations

Caramel and Chocolate Apples


2 marshmallows
caramel sauce
2 Hershey bars
12 Apples
1 pot
12 sticks
2 scoops of ice cream

How to make it:

1. Melt the chocolate caramel.

2. Pour milk in with it.

3. Put a stick in each apple.

4. Dip the apples in the pot.

5. Hold it over the pot until mix stops dripping.

6. Put all apples in the refrigerator until they harden.

7. Eat them!!!

By Katie Umbdenstock & Melissa McGrath

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Apple Monster


3 apples
hot fudge


1. Cut one apple in half

2. Glue it with fluff

3. Put M&M's and Skittles over it

4. Use toothpicks to put the ears on

5. Use 1 full apple for the head and stick M&M's on for the eyes

6. Stick Skittles on for the mouth

7. The vanilla thing is the nose

8. Eat your monster, and enjoy! Don't forget to take out the toothpicks!

Elizabeth Hand
Alison Fleece
Meghan Attanasio

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An Apple Head


2 marshmallows
bark from a tree
1 fuzzy pompom
2 curly noodles
1 basketball
apple seeds
red paint

1. Put red paint on the basketball to make it sticky.

2. Put two marshmallows on for the eyes.

3. Put apple seeds on for the mouth.

4. Put curly noodles on for the ears. .

5. Put the fuzzy pompom on for the nose.

6. Put the tree bark on top for the hair.

You now have a big apple head!!
By Christopher Leis & Ralph Gallo


The Apple Man


5 Raisins
4 sticks
3 apples
peanut butter
apple skin

To make:

1. Put the 3 apples on top of each other using peanut butter.

2. Use 5 raisins for the mouth.

3. Use apple skin for the hat

4. Use an apple for the body.

5. If you have a sandbox to put him in that would be great!

By Tom Volpe & Michael Haig





6 apples
peanut butter
3 M&M's
1 orange slice

To Make:

1. Use 1 apple for the body and 4 for the feet.

2. Stick them together with peanut butter.

3. The toothpicks are the whiskers and the nails on the cat's foot.

4. Use 1 M&M for the nose and 2 for the eyes.

5. Use the orange slice for the cat's mouth.

6. Make sure you use the last apple for the head!


by...Michael Holley and Cristopher DiPiano




2 marshmallows
4 toothpicks
1 small apple
1 flower

To Make:

1. Take the apple and use it for the head.

2. Stick this apple head to the 2 marshmallows using honey.

3. Use the honey to stick the mints on for eyes.

4. The toothpicks are for the arms and legs.

5. Use the flower for his nose.

6. There you have a cute Apple Head Snowman!

Natalie Venturino and  Emily Vetter

NYS Standards

Standard 2
Students will read, write, listen, and speak for literary response and expression.

  • As speakers and writers, students will use oral and written language for self-expression and artistic creation.


Standard 2-- Information Systems
Students will access, generate, process and transfer information using appropriate technologies.

  • Information technology is used to retrieve, process, and communicate information and as a tool to enhance learning.

Students worked cooperatively and correctly incorporated components of a recipe. They also correctly followed each recipe's procedures to create their apple project!

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