Mrs. Nash's Class
Cumberland Elementary School
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin


The entire team of Cumberland 2nd Grade teachers collaborated on a joint apple project during the entire month of September.  In addition to various books and teacher supportive materials on apples and Johnny Appleseed, a key part of the unit was the use of the “Apple Bytes” web site. Students learned Apple facts using the “Fruit and Vegetable Encyclopedia.”  Our classes visited the computer lab on a weekly basis so they could play various online apple games such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and “Apple Hangman.”

The classes culminated the unit by going on a field trip to the Apple Works Apple Orchard as well as completing a variety of individual class writings.  Since our apple unit coincided with our study of the Olympics, some classes combined the two disciplines into one activity.  A sample from each classroom is listed below.

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The First and Last Time I Came Out of the Fridge

by Will, Jack, Golshan, Sarah and Dana

I was in the fridge and I heard the door open. A big fat hand grabbed me. They put me under cold water. “Help!” I shouted. They then put me on the cutting board. Then a sharp knife came and hit me. They cut me right down the middle. They put me in the mix of egg, flower, water, cinnamon, and sugar. They they put me in the hot oven. Then they let me cool off.  I was an apple pie. Then they ate me.

Mrs. Brody’s Second Grade

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Apple Olympics

by Tyler, Katherine and Zachary

A Fuji apple was growing on a tree when it decided to go to the Apple Olympics. There were many apples at the Olympics. There were Braeburn, Rome, Gala and Winesap apples at the race. The Fuji apple won a gold medal in running. The Winesap apple won a silver medal in gymnastics. The Braeburn won the bronze medal for freestyle swimming.

Mrs. Brown’s Class

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The Apples

by Alex T. Mikey,Taylor, Devon

One day an American Red Delicious apple dropped into the sea and floated to Sydney Australia. It saw a Roman Beauty Apple. They went on a date to the Sydney Opera House. Then they went to the Olympics and they both decided that they would join the Olympi cs. The Red Delicious joined the Australian swimming team. The Roman beauty did gymnastics and horse back riding. They both won a Gold Medal. They got married and had baby apples called “APPLEBYTES”. The babies practiced so they could join the 2016 Olympics.
Mrs. Nash’s Class

An Acrostic from the name Johnny Appleseed
by Alex S. Julia, Megan,Carmen, Mikey

Johnny planted juicy apples

On a sunny day in Ohio.

He likes yummy apples and

Nice tasting apples. Apples are very


Yellow apples are what Johnny planted and also different apples.

Apples are healthy and good.

Pennsylvania is one of the

Places that he traveled to.

Leominster was the name of the city he was born in.

Excellent apples are the best, especially

Sweet apples.

Excellent apples are what Johnny planted so please

Explore some of his

Delightful apples.

Mrs. Nash’s Class

An apple once hung in a tree.

It would love to be free.

The apple fell down,

It rolled on the ground,

And kept rolling right out to the sea.

Created by Ms. Marshall’s 2nd Grade Class
Cumberland School
Whitefish Bay, WI

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Announcing a New Apple

A new apple has just been invented by a team of scientists. It is red and green. The apple is called the English Orchard Apple. It growseverywhere. It is juicy and crisp. The English Orchard Apple grows year round. It is made from roses. Look for it in stores soon.

Submitted by: Mrs. Reiels' class

Standards and Assessment

Assessment was left up to the individual teacher to correlate with our district standards in the area of writing and technology.

These activities support the following Whitefish Bay Grade 2 Standards:

Language Arts Content Standard 5:
Demonstrates competence in the stylistic and rhetorical aspects of writing.

Language Arts Content Standard 7:
Effectively gathers and uses information for research purposes. Uses books and multimedia to gather information for research topics.

Language Arts Content Standard 9:
Demonstrates ability to evaluate, create,analyze and edit media. Uses computers to acquire, organize and communicate information. (operates common computer hardware and software: uses basic word-processing, graphics, and drawing programs;creates, stores, and retrieves electronic files etc.)

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