Roxann Penfield & Therese Farnsworth
St. Bernadette School
Omaha, Nebraska


We did several activities with this unit because we had several groups. First, we brain stormed and listed words that describe or are related to apples. The first group was divided into small groups, they wrote and typed poems similar to a Diamond Poetry. We let them be very creative. We assessed them using a Rubrics on a 4 point scale.


red, green

sweet, sour, juicy

Fuji, Granny Smith


by Gina, Elyse, and Brianne


grow on trees

different in size and shape

tasty and yummy


by Darby and Patrick


harvest in the fall

drop to the ground

ready to eat


by Brandon and Kristian


are a fruit

with seeds and peels

let’s make juice and applesauce

Yummy Apples

by Kelsi and Lindsey

The second group had to recall apple fact and write them in complete sentences.

Facts about Apples

Apples float because they are 25% air.
by Michaela

Washington grows the most apples.
by Allison

Apples are part of the rose family.
by Jordan

Apples are high in fiber.
by William

Applesauce and apple juice are made from apples.
by Jayde

Apples are grown mostly in Washington, California,Michigan, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
by Paige

There are 7,000 kinds of apples.
by Brian

The most popular apple is the Red Delicious.
by Alex

Apples are grown in New Zealand and Canada.
by Jennifer

The third group wrote a story about an apple. This was done as a whole group. They were given the beginning sentence (story starter), then each student was to tell what happened next. They had to use complete sentences. The whole class came up with the title.

"The Apple That Came Alive"

One day Mom was making an apple pie. Before it went into the oven an apple jumped off the table and onto the floor. Then it ran out of the house . I ran after it. It ran and got into a car. It drove away. I couldn't catch it. It ended up at school and was dancing around. It ate lunch with the children. I ran into the lunchroom and grabbed it. It got away again. It went to the park and played on the Jungle Jim. The children tried to catch it again, and it ran away. One child ran in front of it, and it ran between his legs and got away. Then it ran and got back into the car. It drove to a lake. It rolled around in the sand and got all dirty. It jumped into the lake and floated in the water. A fish got it. The fish spit it back out. It ran out of the water and went back home. It jumped in the pie. Mom put it in the oven and baked it. All of the children who were chasing it got to have a piece of it. MMMMMGOOOD!

Samantha, Colin, Colleen, Christian, Mary Kate, Tyler, Sadie, Emily, Jared, Katie, Andrew, Kaitlyn, Jessica, Ryan, Sean, Alyssa, Katie, Vincent, Jordan, and Emilie

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