Ms. Turetzky's Class
Cartwright School
Phoenix, Arizona


by Miss Turetzky’s Class

Apples, Apples, Apples,
Juicy apples,
Delicious apples,
Red, green, yellow apples.
Those are just a few.

Good apples,
Bad apples,
Super, sour, sweet apples,
Crunchy, caramel, candy apples,
I like apples, too.

Don’t forget fantastic apples.
Last of all,
Best of all,
I like apple pizza!

Apple pie
Like apple foods
Eat lots

by Mayra
A Apples are sweet and delicious.
P Pie
P Mom puts them in the refrigerator.
L I like the red the most.
E I eat them.
S Sweet apples.

by Cynthia
Eat it all.
Smells good.

by Max
Apples, Apples, Apples
Green, yellow, red, brown, black,
Green apples are the yummiest.
Yellow apples are sweet.
Red apples come from trees.
Brown apples are not good.
Black apples are disgusting.

by Miguel


Healthy apples,
Fresh apples,
Juicy, super, ripe apples,
Those are just a few.

Yummy apples,
Sweet apples,
Crunchy, tart, wonderful apples,
Perfect, dropping, tasty apples,
Ripening apples, too.

Don’t forget falling apples.
Last of all,
Best of all,
I like apple pie.

by Jasmine

This is a bilingual Spanish-English classroom. We are building our English vocabulary rapidly! First, the class read and discussed a variety of books about apples. Then we brainstormed adjectives which would describe apples. We went to other classroom pages on the project to see if students had words we had forgotten, and we found a few. We added those to the list, and then the members of the class who wanted to work on a class poem worked together with Ms Turetzky.  Some children wanted to write their own poems and Mrs. Nixon was available to help them.

The Arizona State Standards addressed in the lesson were:

Reading: Foundations #1: Use phonetic skills to decode words.
Foundations #3: Use reading comprehension strategies...
b) restatinginformation from a reading selection.
Writing: Foundations #1: Use the writing complete effectively a variety of writing tasks.
Foundations #2: Use correct (conventions) to complete effectively a variety of writing tasks.
Six Traits of Writing: Word Choice: Students discussed and defended word choices in poem.
Conventions: Students used correct conventions in writing their poems.
State mandated 6-point Six Traits of Writing rubrics for voice and conventions were used for final assessment.

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