Ms. Tyler's Class
Chester Ronning Elementary School
Alberta, Canada


Apple Acrostic Poetry

Always good to eat

Particular dessert

Perfectly yummy

Loves apples

Eats lots of them

Sometimes green

by Megan and Cyanna

All apples are red or green

Perfect for eating

Pretty yummy

Leaves are green

Eat at lunch

Super yummy

by Nicole and Amy

Apples are yummy

Perfect for apple sauce

Pretty red, green, and yellow

Leave me some cinnamon apples

Every day eat an apple

Sweet and so yummy

by Jeffrey and Samantha

Apples are juicy and big.

Pies are the best with brown sugar.

Pretty yummy.

Love them when bright red and sweet.

Eat apple with bananas are the best.

Sha-Leah loves apple pie.

by Micheyl and Sha-Leah

Apples are sweet

Pie is great with apple

Pie is great!

Like cheese cake

Eat 'em up!!

Still like cheesecake and pie

by Brad and Kristen

Apples are red

Pie made out of apples

Pretty green and ripe

Lots of them

Eat them as a snack

Snappy apples

by Kori and Stephanie

Apples are good!

Perfect for snacks

Pretty and very crunchy

Leave some for me

Excellent for snacks

Shiny and tasty

by Sarah-Faith and Joelle

Apple pie.


Perfect to eat.

Likes apples.

Eats apples.


by Michelle and Philip

Apples are red!

Pretty good!

Pie plus apples = apple pie!

Little and yummy!

Easy to make apple pie!

Small are all!

by Breanne and Azhia

Always red

Pretty red


Loves apples

Eat apples

Sour apples

by Hope and Jose

Apples are red

Prefers apples instead of bananas

Play fetch with apples(with dog)

Like apples

Eats apples

Slam dunks apples

by Ben and Derek

Apples are red and yellow and green.

Pears and apples are really yummy.

Pie is good if it's made from apples.

Leave your teacher an apple.

Eat them whenever you want to.

Sweet and sour when they come.

by Jay and Nathan

All apples are sour.

Perfectly good!

Perfectly delicious.

Lucky friend

Eventually turns red


by Jessika and Chelsie

Apples are sweet

Please give me an apple

Perfect pies

Let me have some apple pie

Even if you are hungry

Sour and sweet

by Blake and Aaron

Apples are good

Pretty and green

Pretty yummy

Leave me some apples

Every apple isn't green


by Cody V. and Sean

Amazing apples

Plump and juicy

Pretty sweet

Leave me some pie

Everybody loves apples


by Colton and Robert

Apples are red

Pie is made of apples

Pretty, red, ripe apples

Lots of them on a tree

Eat them in a pie

Snappy apples

by Lacy and Ashley

Apple pie

Perfect to eat

Pretty red

Like to eat them


Sweet or sour

by Tammi and Allison

Apple turnover

Perfect to eat

Pretty good treat

Lovely to eat

Eat apples

Sweet and tasty

by Tyson and Brent

Apples are red

Perfect for pancakes

Put them in a pie

Leave some apples for the pancakes

Eat after school


by Jordan and Michael

Apples are cool

Picking them is fun

Perfect tasting pie

Lovely for eating

Every apple tastes good

Special to eat like candy apples.

by Krista and Micheyl

Apples are the best

Paint red as red paint

Pretty good for eating

Lovely red

Eating apples is fun

Some pie would be nice

by Erik and Deryk

Apples are red

Pies are good especially apple pie

Please can I have an apple?

Large apples are good

Elephants eat apples

Sharing apples is good by

Jamie and Kylan

Apples are red

Pies are good especially apple pie

Please can I have an apple?

Large apples are good

Elephants eat apples

Sharing apples is good

by Jamie and Kylan


My evaluation was based on a rubric out of 5.5 pts.

Followed the model and produced an original, quality acrostic poem - a superior product 4pts.

Followed the model and produced a good poem 3 pts.

Followed the model but may have used some vocabulary or lines from the model 2pts.

Experienced difficulty producing an acrostic poem and following the model 1 pt.

Incomplete work but put forth an effort
(We worked with another class - our buddies for help with ideas and scribing- thus both partners are listed)

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