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I would like to thank all the participants of this project and welcome their feedback.
Susan Silverman

The students really enjoyed doing these poems and looking for words to describe the look and feel of the apples. Their poems were written on the shapes of an apple, which they coloured in and which will be put up in the classroom for display. They would like to thank Mrs. Enid Lacob for her help in this project.

Mrs Martin's Grade 2 class at Herzlia Constantia Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa

St. Hubert School is in the community of Huntington Hills Calgary Alberta Canada. We have approximately 300 students at our school and we have kindergarten to grade 6. Our Principal is Mr. R. Grossi and our teacher is Mrs. Melina Akins. We are in grade two and most students are seven years old. Some students are six years old. We love apples and liked writing these poems.

Thank you so much for providing an opportunity for us to share our poetry and to network with other 2nd grade classes. We enjoyed writing our poems and learning about apples. On Monday, a father who is a professional chef, will be directing a cooking activity with the children. We will be making Ten Apple Pie with 10 different varieties of apples!

Kris Heydon, Madera School, El Cerrito, California

Saint Michael is a grade pre-k through 8 Lutheran school in Fort Myers, Florida. We were very excited to be a part of the Apples Poetry Page. The students enjoyed sharing their poems with the class and the school and parents have had fun looking them up on the internet. We even received e-mail from an alumni of Saint Michael who now lives in Ohio. She was looking for poetry ideas on the internet, came across the Apples site and much to her surprise - she found her school. That was very exciting for us all. It is amazing how small the world becomes on the internet. Thank you for including us in your project!

"An Apple a Day" is a colorful, music enhanced web page for 2nd grade poetry that has made writing poetry exciting for the second grade students at Willard Elementary school in Concord, MA. Writing is always more fun when the author knows that there is an audience to read and appreciate his/her writing. Susan Silverman has made this possible by creating a web page that children from all over the world can display their writing in. How thrilled our students will be when their family and friends near and far can read and appreciate what they have written. A positive experience like this will encourage our students to enjoy writing well into the future . Thank you Susan!

Laura Larsson, Technology Supervisor, Willard Elementary School, Concord, MA

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful project. We truly enjoyed writing our poems. We drew pictures for our poems and scanned them into the computer. Afterwards, our teacher put our poems and illustrations together. We created an apple-shaped Big Book which we are allowed to bring home and share with our family. Our family has a chance to make comments in the back of the book for us all to enjoy!

Mrs. Stinehour's Second Grade, Tri Valley Elementary School, Grahamsville, New York

I want to thank you for creating this wonderful site and allowing my children to see their work as well as those of other second graders around the world. Taylor Elementary School is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most of the children here have no idea how far reaching the Internet is and this helped them understand it a little better. Thank you Susan for all your patience and time with us.

Lorrie Craley, Technology Teacher Leader

Burnsville Elementary School is located in rural central West Virginia. We are thrilled to be participants in the Apple a Day Project. Thanks, Susan, for giving our second grade students the opportunity to share our apple poetry and artwork with the world. I'm very pleased with our page and plan to show it proudly to our parents, community and local Board of Education members.

Brenda Bleigh, Educator