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Susan Silverman

I love all of your use of the internet technology. Great Site! Please say hi to all of your students for me.
Best wishes,
Jan Brett, author

I really enjoyed visiting your site and seeing the poetry that has been written by the students. I am a retired teacher and school principal who has used telecommunications as a vehicle to share poetry with students in other classes and countries. We did our writing before the days of the WWW so we could only send the text - we were not able to incorporate graphics and sound! Great work! I'll introduce your page to students as I travel from school to school teaching children how to use the Internet. Perhaps some of them will write poetry and submit it to this project or something like it. I enjoyed the poems from Micklefield School in Rondenbosch, Capetown, South Africa. I visited this school last February when I was in Capetown.
Best wishes,
Reg Humphries, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

I enjoyed reading some of the poetry. What a great way to get kids writing! I teach ESL in a suburban high school and we modified the apple unit to fit our ages. It was a great treat and they even memorized the five red apples, red to the core poem. It was a fun way to work on pronunciation and vocabulary for these immigrants. Thanks for your sharing!
Sandy Patterson. Parkway Central High School, St. Louis, MO

I really enjoyed this site. There is some great poetry in here! Our Educational Technology class found this a very interesting way to increase students' enthusiasm toward poetry. Very cute!! =)
Kelly Walitt, Elementary Education student, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, CO

This is a WONDERFUL project! I love how you've created a collaborative project and invited people world-wide to submit poetry. This is an excellent way to show students how we can learn from each other on a global scale.
Great work Susan!
Tammy Payton, First Grade Teacher and Web-Editor for Loogootee Elementary West, Loogootee, Indiana 47553

I am a second grade elementary teacher in Vincennes, Indiana. I am investigating web pages for a graduate class and I find myself coming back to your's for interesting examples of how we can BEST use the internet. The Apple writing project is so clever and inviting!! Thank you for sharing it and thank you for showing beginners like me how to use the internet effectively!!!
Carolynn Stevenson, Franklin Elem. School, Vincennes, Indiana 47591