Benjamin Bunny

Click on the correct answer

1 Who was Benjamin's cousin?
Miss Moppet

2 Why was Peter sad?
He had a belly ache
He lost his shoes and coat
He was tired

3 Where were Peter's clothes?
In the laundry room
In the gym
On a scarecrow

4 Where did Peter and Benjamin go?
to the movies
to the mall
in Mr. Mc Gregor's garden

5 Who was sleeping in the garden?
a cat
a pig
a hedgehog

6 Where did they hide?
in a basket
in school
in a tree

7 What made them cry?

8 Who rescued them?
Old Mr. Bunny

9 What did Old Mr. Rabbit do to Peter?
scolded him
played with him
put him to sleep

10 Why was Old Mrs. Rabbit happy?
Mr. Mc Gregor moved
It was Christmas
Peter found his clothes