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Ms. Cobb's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


We are a second grade class at the Clinton Avenue  Elementary School in Port Jefferson Station, L.I., N.Y. and have just completed a Beatrix Potter Week. The following original stories are an outgrowth of our reading. Special thanks to Susan Silverman, my colleague and mentor, for helping make it possible.


Once upon a time there was a bunny that had a long tail. The bunny used its tail to fly. It was bunny season. The bunny had a house in the tree. He called it his Chunky Donkey House. There was a hunter. He saw the rabbit flying away over the water. The hunter shot his gun. He hit the rabbit's tail and it fell off. He couldn't fly anymore so he fell in the water. He drifted to shore. The hunter went to a tree that fell into the water. He went on the tree and climbed to the end of it. The hunter fell in the water. The rabbit was on shore and the hunter was in the water. The rabbit ran to his house but he could not get inside because he couldn't fly up in the tree to get there. He made a new one under the ground. That's why bunnies have short tails.
By James


Once upon a time there was a bunny named Hopper. He always wanted a short tail like all of the other bunnies. Every time the bunnies saw Hopper they would make fun of him and say,"Long tail! long tail,! long tail!" Hopper ws mad and sad. Hopper had an idea! He went to the phone and called his friends; Fox, Bear, Raccoon and Tiger. Hopper said, "Meet me in the woods." When they got to the woods, Hopper said, "Pull my tail hard!" They all pulled! They said, "We can't pull anymore." Beaver heard all the racket. She had an idea! She ran and slowly and carefully Beaver bit Hopper's tail off. Hopper said, "Ouch!" Hopper said,"Thanks Bear, Fox, Beaver and Raccoon." Hopper had a short tail.
By Amanda


Once upon a time bunnies loved to eat steak. They ate steak three hundred years. One bunny said, "I am sick of steak." The king bunny said,"You have to eat steak"". The bunny was a bad bunny. He ate a carrot and said, "These are good". He took one to the king and said, "Try one." The king tried one and said, "This is good". The king said, "We will eat carrots forever." That is why bunnies eat carrots.
By Brandon


Once upon a time a rabbit named Cuddle was in her den eating junk food. Her Mom came and said, "This is your junk food soup."   "Yum! Yum!" She was tricked. It was vegetable soup. "This is good. What is it?" asked Cuddle. "It is vegetable soup" That's why rabbits eat vegetable.
By Kyle

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Once upon a time there was a bunny with a long tail. He was walking to karate class. He walked in the door. He started. Tom Bunny kicked him in the tail. It got pushed in. Now all bunnies have short tails.
By Molly


Once upon a time there was a bunny named Jewel. She had a black nose. She would always ask her Mom, "Why do I have a black nose?" Her Mom said, "Your nose is like that." Jewel said, "I wish I could have a pink nose." She ran to the pond and there she saw pink paint. She opened it and accidentally dipped her nose in. She had a pink nose! She ran hometo tell her Mom. Her Mom said,"We have to clean it off in the bathtu;b tonight". Jewel said, "I don't think it is going to come off."  "Yes it will," said her Mom. It was night time. Jewel went to the bathtub. Her Mom washed her nose but the paint didn't come off because it dried. Her Mom said, "I am going to teach the bunnies to paint their noses and I am going to paint mine too." That is how bunnies got pink noses.
By Katelyn


Once upon a time there was a bunny. He had a very long tail. He had done walking back to his house. His tail got caught in a log. It got shorter and shorter. When he got home his Mom said,"What happened?" He said, "Nothing". His Mom said, 'Look behind you." He looked. He started to cry. He went to bed and fell asleep. His Mom made him some food. That's why bunnies got short tails.
By Natalie


Once upon a time there was a mother and a father who had three little baby rabbits. The family started to wash their teeth and went to bed. The next morning the father was brushing his teeth. He was finished. Then he said,"My teeth are growing." He went to have breakfast. Mother rabbit said, "You have big front teeth. You have no work today because it is Sunday." He took a nap. When he woke up he checked his tootpaste. "This is why my teeth got big. It is the wrong tooth paste," he said. That's why bunnies have big front teeth.
By Joseph

New York State Standard 2: Language for Literary Response and Expression

Performance Indicator:
Recognize that the criteria one uses to analyze and evaluate anything depends on one's point of view and purpose for the analysis.

We read a biographical sketch of Beatrix Potter's life, several of her books (paired partners and individually) and discussed lessons the characters learned. We reviewed elements of fables (to teach a lesson or moral, or to answer "why" questions such as in "Why The Sun And The Moon Are In The Sky". We brainstormed and listed titles for ideas to write "why" stories relating to rabbits. The children wrote original stories and read them to the class. Their peers determined whether or not the title was clearly explained in the story. We shall follow up with a fable unit as we prepare for a field trip to a live performance of Aesop's fables. We will also participate in online Bunny Reader activities and read contributions from other schools. We welcome your comments.