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Mrs. Colopy's Second Grade Class
Wright Elementary School
Fairborn, Ohio


Our class read three books by Rosemary Wells. The books were MossPillows A Voyage to the Bunny PlanetA Voyage to the Bunny Planet, and First Tomato A Voyage to the Bunny Planet.  In the stories each bunny is having a horrible day. To escape the day the bunnies have a daydream where the bunny visits the Bunny Planet.  At the Bunny Planet, the bunnies have the best day possible and they get to do exactly what they want to do. We created our own bunny characters, named them, and wrote about the bunnies day and voyage to the Bunny Planet.



Bunnies at the Beach

One day Joey wanted to play outside and swim, but that day it was rainy. He wanted to play so badly. So he had a visit to the Bunny Planet. He went there. The lady said here is the day that should have been. The sky was not gray. He could go swimming and then he woke up.

By Alex

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D.W. is Sick

D.W. was at school and she got sick. She threw up. She got home and daydreamed she was at the Bunny Planet. She made some stuff and she flew a kite. He day at the Bunny Planet was very, very fun. When she got home she kissed her mom and dad good night.

By Ashley

The Bunny Who Loved Flowers

Darling is a good little rabbit, but one day she wanted to pick flowers. She asked her mom and she said no. The good little rabbit now turned into a bad little rabbit that said yes. The mom told her to go to the Bunny Planet. All of a sudden she was in a garden full of flowers. She started to pick the flowers. Soon she counted them, 1, 2, 3…when she was done counting them she had 99. As soon as she got home they were gone. She ran to her room and cried until she fell asleep.


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Once upon a time there was a little rabbit named Adam. Adam went to school and his classmates were teasing him. Adam had to visit the Bunny Planet. He went to the Bunny Planet and met Janet the queen of the Bunny Planet. Adam had fun at the Bunny Planet. He climbed trees. He even played games. Then he was in his bed in his house and the bunny planet was there all along.

By Adam

Lilly’s Bad Day

Once there was a rabbit named Lilly. One day Lilly woke up and she got dressed. It was Monday. She came down stairs. Just then she remembered that she didn’t set her alarm clock. She noticed that she was late for school. When she got there she was tardy. At lunch Lilly spilled her milk all over her. Everyone laughed. Lilly got mad. Then she took a trip to the Bunny Planet. There right next to her was wood, nails, and a hammer. She knew just what to do. She built a tree house. She had a good time. Then she woke up.

By Amy

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My bunny had the worst day. When he got on the bus the kids started to call him names. When he got home he told Mark, his father. That night Nicky dreamed about the bunny planet. He went to Janet the fairy; He didn’t know where he was until he saw many flowers that were singing. He woke up and told is father what happened when he was on the Bunny Planet. He told him about how many flowers there were and all the great things. The next morning when he got on the school bus he was very happy because he nobody teased him.

By Mark

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One day when Max had the worst day ever, he remembered that he had to go to his cousin’s house for a week. He was the worst cousin that Max ever had in his life. Max told his mom and dad that he didn’t want to go, but he still had to. When he went in the house and nobody was there then he went to the Bunny Planet. He saw the Bunny Queen. The Bunny Queen and Max went into a house where he got to make wishes. Max wished for no more bad days. On more bad things ever happened again.

By Zachary

Katie was having a bad day everybody was hitting her and pushing her down. Then she went to sleep and went to the Bunny Planet. She had fun. She saw her friends there. They ate carrots. Then she woke up and said the Bunny Planet was there all the time. She went to sleep. When she woke up she had a good day and played with her friends.

By Holly

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The Lost Jewelry

Today was a yucky day for Danielle because she lost her favorite jewelry. She had visited the Bunny Planet and she did stuff like buy new jewelry. She had a good day at the Bunny Planet. For the rest of the day she had a good day. When she went home she looked for her jewelry and she found her mom’s jewelry. Her mom was so happy. She had a party and she got some new jewelry. Her mom got her a cake because it was her birthday. Her birthday was on the 23rd of March 2000.

By Danielle

At first the bunny had a bad day because he had to sit in the back seat because he was being very bad when he was sitting in the front. He was being mean to his sister because she was being mean to him. They are mean to each other all of the time. On another day he was dreaming that he was at the Bunny Planet. He was seeing all of the planets and two of their names were Mars and Jupiter. Another day he did some fun stuff. He got to do all fun stuff on another day. He went back to reality and the day was over. He brushed his teeth and got ready, then went to bed.

By Katrina

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He is day dreaming when he went to sleep. He had a good day at the Bunny Planet. His friends were there on the Bunny Planet. We read a book about it. It is so funny. "Hi!" said his friends softly.

By Johnny

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One day little rabbit was sad. He had a bad day at school. Then it was lunchtime and then it was time to go home. "How was your day today?" asked mom and day. "It was bad I am going to go to bed, " said the little rabbit. "Good night," said Mom and Dad. He went to the Bunny Planet and played.

By Lacy

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Zac was having a bad day because he was sick. Then he fell asleep and he visited the Bunny Planet. He had a Frosty. He went back home and had cookies for a snack. His mom tucked him in bed and he had a longer dream at the Bunny Planet. He dreamed he had a toy car. The next day he had a good day because he was not sick and he went to school. He had fun and played with his friends. After school he ate a snack and played outside. He played volleyball.

By Jeramy

The Amazing Thing

I saw this amazing thing at the store. I wanted it so bad. I wasn’t doing my chore at home, which’s why I don’t have any money. It scares me when I don’t have any money. This might be a good time to go to the Bunny Planet. The queen of the Bunny Planet’s name is Janet. I dream that the Bunny Planet is going to help me get the money. I need $2 to get to it. Janet told me to do my chores and I would get the $2. At home I did my chores around the house and I got the cool rollerblades. They are so cool and I love them.

By David

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The Very Bad Day

Rosalie was having a terrible morning. She walked to school. At breakfast somebody spilled juice on her skirt. She decided to go to the Bunny Planet. When she got here the Bunny Planet queen named Lisa was there. She said, "This is the day that should have been." She danced for two days. Her mom got worried so she called Rosalie. She went home and got into bed. The next day she went to the Bunny Planet again.

By Kaitlyn

My bunny is having a bad day because she doesn’t have any friends to play with. Tumy Tumy thinks he should go inside and go to bed. I should go visit the Bunny Planet. Tumy Tumy saw Queen Janet. This is the way the day should have been. Your friends were to come over to where you live. You and your friends should have a jump rope contest in the gym at your school. Tumy Tumy it is time to wake up. It’s time for supper.

By Jennifer

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The Very Bad Day for Quinn

Quinn is late to work, his boss is yelling at him because he is coming in late everyday. Everyday he has a meeting he always has to be early for them. He has to work on Saturday and Sunday. He has to work all week unless he is sick. Then he visits the Bunny Planet and the queen is Janet. This is the day you should have had. No more weekends working have some days off. "Take a month off," she said. Then he was back home. No more weekends and he went to bed.
By Hunter

Melanie's Bad Day

Melanie and her sister were fighting. Her sister was upset because she lost something. Melanie was the best sister. Melanie did not make it in time for school. She was really having a bad day. She was at school and they had a spelling test and she did not have one word down by the time they were done. She said, "It is time for me to go to the Bunny Planet." Melanie went to the Bunny Planet. She met Janet. Janet said, "Come with me and I will liet you do anything you want to do." Melanie said, "Ok I want to cook." That was Melanies favorite thing to do. She started to cook. She baked chocolate chip cookies. Then Melanie was back home again. This time she was having a good day. She did not have a fight.
By Amissa

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MJ's Bad Day

It was a bad day for MJ. She had a bad daya t school. She pulled a card and got her name on the board. She got in lots of trouble and had to call her mom at home. MJ went to the Bunny Planet. She brought crayons and colored pencils to draw a cat. She stopped coloring and started playing the game Sorry. She played more. MJ said good bye to everyone and went back home. She showed and went to bed.
By Lyndsey


From the Fairborn City Schools Language Arts Course of Study

Reading - Meaning Construction

1. listen daily to stories read aloud
6. restate the sequence of events in a story
7. compare and contrast personal experiences/knowledge with events or characters within a story
8. compare and contrast reading selections
9. predict outcomes and actions before and during reading

Writing - Structure
1. write/draw for a variety of assigned and self-selected purposes
2. demonstrate the ability to use conventions of print in meaningful writing activities (capitalization & punctuation)
4. write a variety of complete sentences in meaningful context
5. write two or more sentences related to a theme
6. demonstrate the ability to use descriptive language in writing

Writing - Meaning Construction
1. participate in group prewriting activities
2. write stories, verse, and/or informational piece related to interests,themes, events
3. use an expanding repertoire of descriptive words and phrases
4. write a sequence of events