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Mrs. Newman's Kindergarten
Cordova Park Elementary
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Project 1: The Bunny Trail of Events

We kicked off our bunny unit by reading the story "How Rabbit Lost His Tail" by Ann Tompert. We focused in on the basics of a story such as main characters, setting, and sequence of events. After we became familiar with the book, we worked in teams to illustrate and retell the story using character masks. Daniel, Holly, Darian, and Chance had a great time acting out the story for us! For a quick synopsis of the story, check out the paragraph Kevin, Kyndall, and Garrett wrote!

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Rabbit got stuck in a willow tree and could not get down! Porcupine came first. She told rabbit to climb down. Badger came second. He said he would dig a hole under the tree so that it would sink. That did not help rabbit get down. Beaver came third. He said he would cut down the tree with his sharp teeth! That scared rabbit! Squirrel came last. She told rabbit to jump down. So rabbit did that and jumped! His long tail got stuck in the tree. That is why rabbits have short fluffy tails!

Project 2: "Hare" are the bunny facts

In the story "How Rabbit Lost His Tail," rabbit had some interesting body features. Our second major activity was to determine exactly what a rabbit was and what a hare was. We were amazed to find that there were differences-and a lot of them! We focused mainly on the body parts, but found out other interesting information also! Look at our pictures and read the paragraph and see if you can "hare"and see the differences between the two!

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Do you know that rabbits and hares are different? Baby rabbits are born blind and helpless. Baby hares can see when they are born. When they are born they can jump too! They do not have to be taught! Rabbits live in a warren. Hares live in a form. Rabbits have small ears and hares have big old ears! In fact, hares are a little bigger than rabbits! Rabbits run slower than hares and can not jump as far either! Now you know how rabbits and hares are different!

By: Holly, Chase, Rachel, Bruce, and Ian

Project 3: Show us the Bunny....Vocabulary!

During our study of rabbits and hares we developed quite a vocabulary! We were so proud to be able to use words like "herbivore" and "warren" in sentences! The biggest vocabulary find we were "hoppy" to find was that rabbits, by definition, jump! We enjoyed playing vocabulary matching games during center time. Kyndall and Brittany are freshening up on their vocabulary skills and why don’t you? Check out our online quizzes at :


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Project 4: Bunny Brunch

In the story "How Rabbit Lost His Tail" we found that rabbit "enjoyed tasting berries and clover." We recalled that rabbits are herbivores and made a list of all possible bunny foods. We chose to concentrate on carrots and boy, were we in for a treat! We watched "The Carrot Highway" and listed what we had learned. Then we looked at Grimmway Farms at:


We had carrot information coming out our ears! We ended the day by reading "Tops and Bottoms" by Janet Stevens. To "top it off" we sprouted carrot tops and had a tasty treat before going home!

If you "carrot all,"  here is what we learned!

Carrots were discovered in Asia. - Raven

The first carrots were green and yellow! - Charles

The first orange carrot was found in Holland! - Ian

Carrots have a two year life cycle! - Taylor

The carrot seeds grow in the tops of carrots! - Brittany

Carrots are a root!- Darian

Scientists can make carrots sweeter by doing tests on them. - Victoria

The state of California grows the most carrots  in the U.S. - Dallas

Chase, Holly, Ian, Rachel, and Bruce enjoy tasting their carrot after preparing the "tops’ to sprout!

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Project 5: A Bunny Tale

Once we had completed all of our bunny activities, we reread the story "How rabbit Lost His Tail."  Afterwards, we sat in a circle and played "Build a story." Below is our class story "Messy Bunny" with illustration by Timothy.

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Messy Bunny

Once upon a time there were two bunnies. The daddy bunny was Justin and the mommy bunny was April. They decided to bake a carrot cake one day. They went into their kitchen. They put carrots, nuts, bananas, milk, and flour into the bowl. They mixed it up and cooked it. Suddenly, the cake went all over the place! Justin and April had turned the oven up too high! They decided to clean up the mess. They took out towels, mops, and rags, to clean up the dirty mess. They decided to try again. This time they did not put the oven on too high. The cake turned out. They sliced it up and gave their baby bunny a piece. The baby bunny’s name was Buttercup. Buttercup made a huge mess! She spilled it on the floor. She put it on top of her head! She even rubbed it in her face! Then she put it all over her dress! They decided to stick her in the washer to clean her up! She turned around, and around, and around! She was so dizzy she went to bed. Justin and April sang her a lullaby then they went to sleep too!

That’s all folks!

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By: Mrs. Newman’s Kindergarten Class

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