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Miss Edwards & Miss Baum
Harbor Country Day  School
Saint James, New York


Miss Baum’s first grade and Miss Edwards’ third grade collaborated with this Bunny Reader Project. The third grade students each brought in favorite bunny books to share. The third graders buddy-read to their first grade Bunny Buddies.  The first graders then buddy read to their third grade Bunny Buddies.   Whole class discussions followed.  Venn diagrams were used to compare the different stories.  Buddy-Bunny reading continued as students recommended bunny books to other Bunny Buddies.  Using different literature, mini-lessons on onomatopoeia and story patterning were designed for the two classes together.  Class voting was held to decide on the story pattern.  The students decided to pattern their collaborative bunny story after FORTUNATELY by Remy Charlip.  The beginning and ending (who, what, where, when, why) were decided by voting whole class.  The different problem/solutions were brainstormed, written and edited within cooperative groups of 4-5 students.  The problem was dependent on the previous group’s solution.   Onomatopoeia was added to the final written work.  The students then performed their story of their bunny’s wacky adventures.  Lastly, the 6 groups illustrated their story contributions with shapes cut from construction paper.
Fortunately, one day, a postbunny delivered an invitation to a BEbunny to go to a Hip-Hop Dance on Easter. But, unfortunately, the Hip-Hop Dance was in Hawaii and he was on Long Island.


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Fortunately, BEbunny got on a 2-day cruise. YAAAAAAA!!! Unfortunately, the ship sank. BLUB, BLUB, BLUB!
Fortunately, there was a lifeboat. KERPLUNK, KERPLUNK, KERPLUNK. SPLISH-SPLASH! Unfortunately, there was a hole in the lifeboat. BLUB, BLUB, GLUB, GLUB!


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Fortunately, there was a dolphin to save BEbunny. SPLISH, SPLASH, FLIP, FLAP! Unfortunately, a shark was chasing them. CHOMP, CHOMP!


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Fortunately, BEbunny had a cellphone. CHIT-CH-CH-CHUnfortunately, it was out of batteries, so he threw it in the ocean. SPLASH, SPLASH, KERPLUNK, KERPLASH, KERPLOSH!!


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Fortunately, he knew how to swim fast. KERSPLASH SPLASH SPLISH!!!! Unfortunately, a crab bit his good-luck foot. CRUNCH!


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Fortunately, he had a Band-Aid. RRRRRRRIP!Unfortunately, a coconut hit him in the head and he goes out cold. CLUNK PLOP!


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Fortunately, a tidal wave wakes him up. And fortunately, the tidal wave brings him to a party. Fortunately because, the party where BEbunny landed was the Hip-Hop Dance!
New York State English Language Arts Learning Standards 1 and 2 were reached.
New York State Standard 1 for the Arts was reached.
The children were listeners and readers and performers. They discovered social and cultural relationships and concepts with the different books. The children then made generalizations with the collected data and ideas. They interpreted and applied their knowledge using oral and written language and group performance.Students were assessed individually and within the group:
1. Individual writing followed fortunately/unfortunately pattern incorporating onomatopoeia appropriately.
2. Groups worked cooperatively to blend individual suggestions.
3. Groups demonstrated editing skills for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
4. Individual rough draft illustrations corresponded to their part of the story.
5. Groups worked cooperatively to creatively blend individual ideas into the final illustration.
6. Groups participation in the performance of their final story.