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Miss Florin's Second Grade
Clinton Avenue Elementary
Port Jefferson Station, New York


Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth
by Lucy Bate

We read Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth. The children then generated a list of different types of writing/extension activities that they could work on relating to the story. The students were then able to independently work on these activities during center time.

True Tooth Stories

My brother and my dad and I were wrestling. My brother punched me in the mouth and my tooth fell out. I ran to tell my mom. I said, "Look mom! My tooth fell out!" Then we washed the blood off my tooth. Then we put my tooth in a plastic bag. I put it under my pillow. The next day I found two dollars under my pillow.
by Michael
Once Gina hit me with a beachball in my mouth and my tooth came out. Then my tooth fell in the dirt and got lost. Then we found it.
by James
There once was a boy - that's me - Kevin. I had a loose tooth. It felt like it was going to fall out any second. But it didn't come out. Then one night we went out for dinner. Then it came out. It went in my sister's soda! It was so funny but she spit it out. (That REALLY happened.)
by Kevin
Once I had a very loose tooth. My dad pulled it out with a straw. After that the straw was all bloody. It was very nasty. It was very bloody. It was cool. I got seven dollars for it. I bought toys.
by Ryan

Fictional Tooth Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a wiggily tooth. She told her mom. She said, "Don't wiggle it!" She tried to eat cereal. Her tooth hurt. She ate waffles. Her tooth hurt. And then she ate caramel and...her tooth came out. The next day the girl found money under her pillow! She bought ice cream and candy with her ten dollars.
by Elizabeth and Erica G.

Rabbit Facts

Rabbit Facts


1. When they are first born they are pink

2. They are fast.

3. The mother rabbit lies on top of the babies to keep them warm.

4. Their favorite food is lettuce.

by Colin

Rabbit/Hare Facts

1. There are 40 kinds of rabbits and hares in the world today.

2. A female hare is called a doe.

3. When baby rabbits are born they can't see or hear.

4. During the day, the hare goes off to feed or browse in the field. At night she returns to feed her young.

5. When hares are twelve days old they are ready to run and jump.

6. Hares sometimes box with eachh other.

7. When they twitch their noses, they are smelling.

by Gina and Anselm

Tooth Fairy Letters

Like Little Rabbit, we made predictions about what the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth by writing her letters.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I think you use my teeth to build a house and decorate it too. You might make your crown out of it and your jewelry too.


I think you use my teeth to turn my teeth into gold or into a necklace.


I think you use my teeth to make my tooth silver or maybe you make my tooth a crown.
I think you use my teeth to put it in a safe or maybe you take it and give us money.
I think you use my teeth to turn it into money or make it into a dress.


I think you use my teeth to make lots of money or maybe you make gold.


I think you use my teeth to make necklaces to wear when you fly around at night or maybe you make bracelets out of them.


I think you use my teeth to make new teeth or maybe to make money.


I think you use my teeth to make it into a necklace and you put it for your own teeth.


I think you use my teeth to make 1000 pokemon cards or to make cookies.


I think you use my teeth to build a tower 10 feet tall or maybe you collect my teeth and put them in a basket.


I think you use my teeth to make 1000 pokemon cards or maybe you will make my tooth a star in the sky.


After reading Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth, my class made two teeth graphs. Below are photos of our graphs.   We have a very generous Tooth Fairy here on Long Island!

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After making our graphs, students were asked to write about the data. This list was compiled by numerous students in the class.

Chris lost more teeth than Brian.
Brian lost less teeth than Kevin.
Erica B. lost more teeth than Erica G.
Michael lost more teeth than Brian.
Colin lost less teeth than Pedro.
There are five people that lost ten teeth.
Christopher lost the most teeth.
Kara lost more teeth than Kumel.
Ryan lost more teeth than Carley.
Brian lost the least amount of teeth.
Anthony lost three more teeth than Erica G.
Kevin lost more teeth than Colin.
Kumel lost five teeth less than Kevin.
Anselm lost four more teeth than Vincent.
Kara lost the same amount of teeth as Kevin.

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Ian used the data from The Tooth Fairy Gifts Graph to write the following sentences:

Michael gets more money from the Tooth Fairy than Chris.
Michael gets less money from the Tooth Fairy than Vincent.
Chris gets $1.00 less than Michael.
Vincent gets $1.00 more than Michael.
Carley gets the most money from the Tooth Fairy.
Kim gets the least amount of money from the Tooth Fairy.

New York State Standard 1 - English Language Arts
Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding

New York State Standard 7- Math, Science and Technology
Students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills of mathematics, science and technology to address problems and make informed decisions.

I assessed the children by their writing of the different activities.