The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck

Click on the correct answer

1 What did Jemima want to hatch?
her own eggs

2 What was Jemima looking for?
a dry nesting place
something to eat
Peter Rabbit

3 What did the gentleman offer Jemima Puddle Duck?
his wood-shed
a diamond ring

4 The gentleman was really a

5 What did Jemima tell the stranger?
Go away!
She would join him for dinner.
She would call the police.

6 Who was Kep?
Jemima's boyfriend
A dog
A bunny

7 Who did Kep call for help?
The police
Mrs. Silverman
Two fox-hound puppies

8 What did the puppies want to do?
Join her for dinner
Drive away the fox
Plant corn

9 What did the puppies eat?
Jemima's eggs
Purina Puppy Chow

10 What did Jemima finally do?
Lay more eggs
Run away
Hug the puppies