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Mrs. Jones' First Grade Class
College Hills Elementary School
College Station, Texas


Howdy, or should I say, Hoppy?  We are a class of 17 first graders at College Hills Elementary in College Station, TX.  Our class read the book Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells.  Ruby and Max are going shopping with the $15 that Ruby has saved to buy her grandma a birthday present.  I read only the first two pages with my children before completing our letter writing activity.   This book was chosen to coordinate with our study of friendly letters and money.   My children's first assignment was to take copies of the bunny money from the inside covers and make combinations of fifteen dollars in as many ways as possible.   Next, we brainstormed and listed all the many presents the class considered "just right" for a grandma.  Some of our ideas included a necklace, chocolates, flowers, jewelry box, kitchen utensils, gift certificate, purse, collectible china doll, book, hot pad, and tea set.  Check out our graph to find our favorites! We made dressed up Ruby and Max characters and wrote letters of advice to Ruby.

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Dear Ruby,
Does your grandma like flowers? Ruby, you should give your grandma some flowers. If it was my grandma's birthday, I would give her roses because they smell very good and look good. Red roses are the best. We like the Mr. Lincoln rose. It is red. Grandmas like roses.
Lots of love,
Neha, Rubab, Daanish, Alejandra, Caroline, and Lauren

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Dear Ruby,
I think you should get your grandma a hot pad. When you lay down it is hot and makes you feel good. I think your grandma would like that.
Your friend,
Dear Ruby,
You could get your grandma a purse. I hope she would like it.
Grandmas like purses and dresses.
Dear Ruby,
I think you should buy a tea set with your fifteen dollars. You and your grandma could drink tea. Just wait for the tea to be done and talk to your grandma.
Hao Ran

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Dear Ruby,
I think your grandma would like a china doll because china dolls are pretty. You could even buy two and maybe your grandma might start to collect them.

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Dear Ruby,
You need to earn even more money so that you can get books for your grandma's birthday. Books cost a lot and you only have $15. Good luck!
Your friends,
Chuckie, J.J., and Jong-Ho

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Dear Ruby,
What will you get your grandma for her birthday? We think you should get chocolates because that would be a good grandma gift. If it was our grandmas they would like chocolates to eat. Good luck!
Lots of love,
Allison and Anna

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Dear Ruby,
What would we buy for our grandmas? It would be a jewelry box. Some grandmas have lots of jewelry, so maybe you should give her two! I bet your grandma would like one. We think you should get a jewelry box.
Zach and Clara

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Assessment was based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for 1st grade in language arts and reading.

The student is expected to:
-analyze characters, including their traits, feelings, relationships, and changes.
-recognize the story problems. -connect his/her own experiences with the life experiences, languages, customs, and cultures of others.
-write in different forms for different purposes such as lists to record, letters to invite or thank, and stories or poems to entertain.
-use basic capitalization and punctuation such as capitalizing names and first letters in sentences, using periods, question marks, and exclamation points.

The letters were assessed according the skills listed above. Each child had to choose a logical gift for a grandma based on their own experience and write a convincing letter with reasons to support their choice. Letter writer(s) had to demonstrate mastery of conventional letter form and use acceptable capitalization and punctuation after editing.