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Mrs. Chartier's Class
McBride Elementary School
St. Helens, Oregon


Our 1-2 blended class listened to the story Too Many Rabbits by Peggy Parish.  In the story, Miss Molly hears a thump at the door.  When she opens it, she discovers that there is a fat rabbit sitting on her steps.  Miss Molly invites the rabbit in, feeds it, and then lets it spend the night.  The next morning she discovers that she now has a box full of rabbits!  They are so cute that she lets them stay...and before you know it, she has MORE rabbits!  At the end of the story, Miss Molly finally succeeds in getting rid of all the rabbits only to discover a fat cat sitting on her steps.

We decided to write different endings to the story.  We hope you enjoy them!

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Miss Molly heard a barking sound and went to see what it was.  Miss Molly opened the door, and something jumped on her.  She looked down and saw a black thing on her lap.  The thing barked.  Miss Molly knew it was a dog.  She let the dog in.  Miss Molly made a bed out of a box.   The next morning Miss Molly said, "Come dog," but the dog did not come.   So Miss Molly went to see the dog.  And the dog had five babies.  Miss Molly gave the babies away to a boy and his friends.  And their parents said, "Yes!"

written by Heather S. and Jared

Miss Molly saw something black - a dot.   She got closer to it.  It had eight legs.  It was a spider.  She said, "I will keep this spider.  I'll get a jar."  She put the spider in a jar, and they all went to bed!  The next morning she looked in the jar and saw babies.  She didn't know what to do.  She said, "I will sell them."   Then a dog came to the door....

written by Cameron and Jake H.

Miss Molly had a rat in her house.  She found it, and it had seventeen babies.  The babies had more babies.  She named all the babies, and then she got rid of them.  But they all came back.  Miss Molly then got a lizard.  She kept the lizard.  Then, in the middle of the night, it had eight babies in its cage.  And the babies had twenty seven more babies.   Then she sold them to the Humane Society.  Miss Molly had a fish, and it had babies and more babies and more babies.  She sold them.  Miss Molly found a monkey.  She let it in, and it had thirty babies.  She screamed!  There were monkeys all over the place!  She sold them.  Miss Molly found a boa, and she let it in.  It had two babies.  She fainted, and then she sold them to the zoo.

written by Ryan G. and Ryan S.

A dog went to the door.  The old lady opened the door, and there stood a dog.  "Please dog, come in," said the old lady.  The dog was already in!  "I'll give you some dog food.  Now out you go!"  The dog didn't go out the door.  "Okay," said the old lady.  "You could spend the night."  In the morning the old lady woke up, and she made breakfast.  She went to the kennel, and she had a surprise.   There were babies - lots of them!  And they were everywhere!  And so she sold them, and she waved good-bye.

written by Bradley and Josh

A dog came first.  It had babies.   Miss Molly sold all of the puppies.  Black and brown and white - that's what they were.  Miss Molly counted one hundred babies.  She sold them all.

written by Christy and Monica

The dog came to the door.  She hit the door.  Miss Molly came to the door and let the dog in.  She was a Great Dane.   She wanted some food.  After she ate, she was full.  Miss Molly made the dog a bed in the kitchen, and then she went to bed.  In the morning the dog had babies, but Miss Molly didn't know.  She tried to feed the dog, and then she found out that the big dog had nine babies.  The babies were BIG!  Miss Molly said, "That's all!"  She said, "I will sell them."  She tried to sell them to a kid named Bobby.  She said to Bobby, "Do you like dogs?"   "Yes," he said.  Other kids came, too.  All the kids took one, two, or three babies.  When they got home, their moms said, "No."  The kids took the babies back to Miss Molly.  Then a butcher said, "I will take them all."  "No!" said Miss Molly.  A guy came to Miss Molly's house.   Miss Molly said, "Are you going to eat these dogs?"  The man said, "No.  I have a place but I don't have any dogs.  I'll take them all."   So he did.  Then Miss Molly found a horse.  "I can keep you in the backyard," said Miss Molly.  "Horses aren't any trouble."  The next day the horse had babies....

written by Brandin and Ian

One day Miss Molly heard scratches at the door.   She said, "I wonder what that is?"  So she went over to the door.   She opened it, and she saw a dog.  The dog came in.  Miss Molly said, "You're cute.  Come in and I'll get you a box to sleep in."  She got a box for the dog.  The next morning Miss Molly said, "Here is your food."   The dog did nothing.  She said, "What a lazy one!"  Then she went over to the box, and to her surprise, she saw baby puppies.  Miss Molly kept them.  The next day to her surprise, she saw MORE baby puppies!  Miss Molly said, "I have to get rid of them."  She thought about it and said, "But they're so cute!"  So she kept one.  The next day she said, "I have to get rid of some."  Then a man came by and said, "I'll take them."  Then Miss Molly found a mouse.  She said, "This is the pet for me!"  Miss Molly got a box for the mouse.  The next morning she said, "Here is some food."  Then she said, "What a lazy mouse!"   And when she went to give the mouse cheese, she saw that the mouse had babies....

written by Kelcee and Adena

Miss Molly went to the fair, and she won a cow.   She took the cow home.  She built a barn and put the cow in.  And she said, "Good night!"  Miss Molly went up to bed.  In the morning she woke up and found baby cows.  So she went to the store and bought some food for them.   But she was too slow, and the cows broke out.  The cows got into the backyard and started to eat the grass.  Miss Molly came back and got a BIG surprise!  She said, "I don't need my lawnmower."  So she sold her lawnmower to China.   After she sold it, she discovered that it was too expensive to keep the cows, so she sold them to the auction.  And her grass grew long before she got a lawnmower again!

written by Sam and Robbie

"Squeak, squeak!"  Miss Molly answered the door.  "A guinea pig!" Miss Molly said.  "You can stay tonight."  And she made a box ready.  Then she went to bed.  The next morning Miss Molly went into the kitchen.  She said, "Wake up, guinea pig!"  Then she said, "Here is your breakfast."  The guinea pig did not answer.  Miss Molly looked in the box, and she saw not only one guinea pig - she saw a whole boxful!  "Oh my," Miss Molly said.  "How will I get rid of them?"  First she decided that she would keep them all.  But there were guinea pigs EVERYWHERE!  She said, "I will have to get rid of them."  She went to bed.  The next morning she had an idea.  She would put an ad in the paper.  So she did.  "Ding, dong."  It was the butcher.  He said, "I would like some guinea pigs.  Lots of people like guinea pig meat."  "No, no, no!" said Miss Molly, and BANG, she slammed the door.  "Ding, dong."  "Who are you?" asked Miss Molly.  "I will take the guinea pigs.  You don't need to know my name."  "Will you eat my guinea pigs?" asked Miss Molly.   "No."  "Okay, you can have them," said Miss Molly.

written by Kyle and Gus

Miss Molly had a prairie dog.  She said, "You can stay until tomorrow."  In the morning Miss Molly saw fourteen prairie dogs.  Then they had more prairie dogs.  Miss Molly got rid of the prairie dogs at the dog pound.

written by Kacy and Heather M.

Miss Molly heard a pecking noise at the door.   And when she opened the door, she saw a fat parakeet.  She let it come inside.   She got a box for the parakeet.  In the morning, Miss Molly gave the parakeet its breakfast.  It didn't move.  Then she looked inside the box and saw little baby parakeets.  There were parakeets everywhere!  There were some on the chair and some under the chair.  There were some on the couch and some under the couch.   Then the babies grew.  Miss Molly tried to sell the parakeets to Bobby and his friends, but all of their moms said no because they didn't like parakeets.  The next day Miss Molly saw millions of baby parakeets!  She tried to sell the parakeets to the zoo, but they didn't need any parakeets.  Then she heard a knock at the door.   She saw a man with a big truck behind him.  He said, "I will take the parakeets to an island where they will live happily."  So Miss Molly put the parakeets in cages and loaded them into the truck and said good-bye to them.  Just then she felt something rubbing on her leg.  Miss Molly looked down and saw a chicken.  She said, "Would you like to come in?"

written by Emmaleah and Emily

A German Shepherd stepped up to Miss Molly.   "Please come in," said Miss Molly.  Then she got tired, so she went upstairs and went to bed.  And then ANOTHER animal came in.  It was a ball python.  Miss Molly woke up.  She saw ten snakes and ten dogs.  She didn't know what to do!  "What will I do," said Miss Molly.  "I'll sell them to the vet."  So she called the vet.  He said, "How may I help you?"  "I have too many dogs and snakes," said Miss Molly.  So the vet came over to her house.  "Now you take care of them," said Miss Molly.  And the vet did.

written by Seth and Jayk P.

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In each pair of "authors" at least one child was a second grader, so I used second grade goals to assess the written piece.

  • Does the piece convey a main idea with some supporting details?
  • Do the writers demonstrate some control of correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization?