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Ms. Przybojewski's Class
Micklefield School
Cape Town, South Africa


Leo the Lop

Micklefield is focusing on fostering a positive attitude to our country, South Africa through communication and understanding of the broader community.  "Leo the Lop" offered an ideal starting point.   I read the story to the class and we discussed it as a class focusing on:

  • the feelings it evoked
  • the moral of the story
  • the part they liked best

This discussion was good input for a story writing activity.   The girls could choose what they wanted to write about:

  • Write the story in your own words
  • Describe the part of the story you like best
  • What is the moral in this story?

Some children combined two of the above.
Leo the Lop was excellent in that the children started relating it to events in their own lives.

As a Lifeskills activity we discussed this and focused on each child being special with individual talents and positive differences.  Each child wrote +/- a page on:
"I am special because ..."  I chose 2 sentences from each child's written work to use in our Nursery, Pre-school, Grade 1 and 2 Assembly.   I started the Assembly by comparing each child to a flower, but putting each one of them together they make a beautiful Micklefield bouquet and then each girl read her 2 sentences to everyone.
Halinka Przybojewski (Grade 2 Class teacher)

This is the prayer we used at the Assembly.  It was written by Kate W.

Dear God,
Thank you for making us so special like the flowers in the garden.
Please help us to be kind to other children.
Help us to remember that everyone in our class is special and loved.

Helene and Catherine R brought their bunnies to school  All three are Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits.  Helene's mother gave us this information about this breed of rabbit.

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Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits
Helene brought Blackie and Fur-ball to school and Catherine R brought her rabbit (one of Blackie’s babies).
Blackie, the father is almost 1 year old.   Netherland Dwarf rabbits never grow to weigh more than 1.5kgs – making them the smallest dwarfs in the rabbit world.  A distinctive feature is their small ears.
Helene’s rabbits live freely in an open colony, burrowing underground.  They are mostly nocturnal and vary greatly in personality. The purer they are the more highly strung.  In their home/colony habitat they answer to their names and come for food but dislike being picked up.

Leo the Lop

Once there were lots of bunnies and one of them had floppy ears.  His name was Leo the Lop.  All the bunnies laughed at him and he felt very sad.  One day he decided to hang upside down.   Then my ears would go the right way.  Then I will be normal like the other bunnies.
Then he heard a noise.  It was a possum.
Whatcha doin’ that for? Asked the possum.
Well I’m hanging upside down because my ears will not go the right way and then the bunnies won’t laugh at me.
Oh I understand.  But when I saw you looked the right way up and now you look upside down.
Oh said Leo the Lop and he flopped down and he ran to tell the other bunnies what he had found out giggling.
By Katherine L

Leo the Lop

Once upon a time there lived a bunny called Leo the Lop.  He was called that because his ears drooped down.  So he thought that he would hang upside down.  Then a little possum said
Whatcha doin’ that for?
So he found out that he was normal.  Then he went to his brothers and told them that everyone was normal.  His brothers understood him.
By Tara

Leo the Lop

Once upon a time there was a sweet bunny who thought he was normal but he found out when the other rabbits laughed at him that he was not normal because his ears flopped down on the ground.  So he tried to do some exercising but that didn’t work either.  So he climbed a tree and carefully hooked his back legs around the tree he dropped upside-down.  He had all most hung like that for an hour when someone said Watcha doing that for?

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Leo turned a round and saw a little possum.  Because my ears flop down he said.
Leo thought and thought but couldn't  get the answer.  So he carefully dropped to the ground.  As soon as he had landed he had the answer.  If he was normal and the other rabbits were normal then normal is whatever you are.  With a hop and a giggle he ran of to tell the other rabbits.   The other rabbits understood it and so did Leo.  But Leo still had one small problem his ears always flopped in his soup.
Written by Kate W

I Am Special

I am special because I have a lovely heart. I am special because my mom says so.
Nicole C

I am so special because my mom said the best gift is me. I love to dance.

I am special because I have a cowlick everybody is special even if you look different you will be special just like the flowers.

I am very special because I go to school and you are special because that’s how people are.

I’m special because I’ve got such a special mummy and father. My mom is always proud of me.

I am special because I’m the only girl in my family. I have a special heart because I love my family.
Catherine L

I am special because my mom says I am the best gift ever. I love drawing.
Catherine R

I am special because I am good at computers and I am the oldest child in my family.

I am very special because I saw some fairies. I'm the only one in the family that has a fold up bed.

I am very special because I am the only girl in my family and I have a kind heart.

I am special because am a talented reader. You mustn’t think that you are not special because you are.

I am so special because I have a special heart that gives me strength and happiness but what I think makes me the most special is a happy family.

I am very special because my mum says that I am beautiful and precious. My dad thinks that I am the best girl in the whole wide world.

I am special because I have got beautiful freckles. I have got a loving heart because when my sisters fight with me, I understand.

I am very special because I can play very hard piano pieces. Playing Ball is my hardest piece.

I am very special because I am a twin. I have a soft heart.
Julia (Tessa's twin)

 I am lucky that I have all the parts of my body like other people, but some other people have some parts of their body missing.

I am special because I am a twin. I am my mum’s only girl and I have a very special mum.

I am special because I’m the only one in the family that has brown eyes. I’m the prettiest ballerina in the class.

I am special because I go on nice holidays. I am also special because Jesus loves me.

I am precious because I go to a private school. I love animals.

I am special because I am very talented in ballet. I love my family.

I am very special because I am a good swimmer. I am also a good reader.
Nicole E

We did sums about rabbits too!

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Michaela's answer

Helene has a mother and father rabbit.  
They have 6 baby rabbits.  They are all female.  
Each baby rabbit has 3 babies. 
How many grandchildren are there altogether?