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Ms. O'Meara's Second Grade Class
Nash Elementary School
Tucson, Arizona


Our school uses the Success for All Reading Program.  My SFA group participated in the Bunny Reader project by reading The Velveteen Rabbit.  We enjoyed read-alouds of many different fictional books about bunnies, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth. Our Reading Comprehension skills lessons were "Distinguishing Fantasy from Realistic Fiction" and "Comparing and Contrasting."  For our "Adventures in Writing," we wrote about our favorite part of The Velveteen Rabbit and what would happen if "nursery magic" visited us and our own toys came to life.  The children also researched rabbits and wrote informational reports and acrostic poems, using the facts they found, as an extension activity.
Our Rabbit/Bunny Acrostic Poems
Babies are called kittens
Up and down they jump
You can scare rabbits if you get too close
Rabbits like roots
A rabbit is furry
Burrows are where rabbits live
Babies are called kittens
It is a mammal
They have long legs for jumping

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Bunnies and soft and furry
Underground is where rabbits live
Nests for rabbits are called burrows
Night time is when rabbits hunt
Young rabbits can be black and white and brown
Rabbits eat carrots
A rabbit is furry
Black eyes
I love rabbits
To care about rabbits is to take care of them
Silver rabbits
Our Rabbit Reports
Rabbits are soft and furry. They live in burrows. They live underground. They’re good listeners for danger. They can run up to 25 miles per hour. They have good eyes to spot danger. They eat grass and soft roots. The mama rabbit is called a doe.  

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There are all kinds of different rabbits. There are long rabbits, fat rabbits and small rabbits. Rabbits have small tails and long ears. They live in underground holes. Rabbits have long ears so if they hear danger, they go in their holes. Rabbits are mammals like us.

Before having her babies, the mother rabbit digs a new burrow with new straw, dry grass or hay. Each baby weighs 2 ounces. The newborns are blind and deaf.

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If  Toys Could Come Alive
I wish my stuffed bunny would come to life. If it did, I would feed it. I would play with my bunny and I would wash my bunny. I think it would be neat if a stuffed bunny could come to life. It seems too bad that it can’t. I want my bear to come alive. I want him to be my friend. I love my teddy bear. I would play football and my teddy bear would be on my team.
If I had a toy that would come to life, it would be my stuffed animal bear because it is soft and I like sleeping with it. The bear tickles my ear and keeps me warm and makes me go to sleep. I would like my toy army men to come to life so they would play with me. They would be my friends for a long time. I would take them everywhere. I would put them in a box everyday. They would have tanks to go in. I think they would have enemies at night. I think the other toys are too shy to say they are alive.

I want my little white rabbit to come to life because I like to play with it. It is very old because it was kept in the basement for years. Then when we moved here, it was in a box full of toys in the moving van. I found it in one of the boxes but it was very old and it was going to fall apart and it did. My grandmother sewed it back together.

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Our Favorite Parts of The Velveteen Rabbit
My favorite part is when he was shivering a little because he had been sleeping in a warm bed. But now he is crying because he is sleeping in a worn out coat and all cold and stuff. He missed sleeping with the boy in the bed snuggled. My favorite part is when he became real and the fairy changed him. When they were going to burn him and the fairy came to take him to the rabbit world.
My favorite part was when the Velveteen Rabbit didn’t understand what real meant and he asked, "What does real mean? Does it mean having things buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?" My favorite part is when the fairy turned the rabbit into a real rabbit. I like the part when the rabbit said he could jump and that he had long legs just like the other rabbits.

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This project meets the following Language Arts objectives of the Arizona State Standards:

Standard 1: Reading R-F2 Use Word Recognition and Decoding Strategies to comprehend written selections. R-F3 Use Reading Comprehension Strategies such as drawing conclusions, summarizing, making predictions, identifying cause and effect, and differentiating fiction from nonfiction. R-F4 Identify facts and the main idea, sequence events, define and differentiate characters, and determine author's purpose in a range of traditional and contemporary literature. R-F5 Analyze selections of fiction, nonfiction and poetry for their literary elements such as character, setting, plot, sequence of events and organization of text.

Standard 2: Writing W-F1 Use the Writing Process, including generating topics, revising ideas and editing, to complete effectively a variety of writing tasks. W-F2 Use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and word usage, and good penmanship to effectively complete a variety of writing tasks. W-F5 Locate, acknowledge and use several sources to write an informational report in their own words.


Informational reports were assessed using the Amphitheater District's Research Paper Project Pre-Benchmark One Writing Continuum (i.e., those published met PB7: Student writes complete sentences that relate to a specific topic. Increased use of conventional spelling is evident. Writing mechanics emerge.)

All writing was also assessed using the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards: The Six Traits of Writing Rubric. The Traits focused on were Word Choice (accurate and appropriate to the topic, audience, and purpose), Sentence Fluency, and Voice (evidence of originality).