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I think the project was AWESOME!  So great to see so many different activities on some of my favorite books!  I particularly like the plays adapted from stories, such as Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth!  Tremendous job, and congrats to all of the participants and especially YOU!
Melissa Tonnessen

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We enjoyed being a part of the Bunny Readers Project! We had so much fun reading books and learning about rabbits! We especially liked looking at our work online! We thought all of the class projects were so cool and we liked looking at all of the different activities! We feel like we are not only bunny experts, but computer experts too! We would like to thank Mrs. Silverman and her class for sponsoring such an awesome learning experience and allowing our kindergarten class to take part in it!
Mrs. Newman's Kindergarten Pensacola, Florida

Hats off to Mrs. Silverman for again providing a unique collaborative learning experience for hundreds of students and their teachers! My students have truly been the benefactors as they completed the project's online activities, participated in classroom activities to develop our web page, and visited the web pages developed by students around the world. As an educator participating in the project, I am always amazed at the creativity demonstrated by each of the individual participants. Thank you, Susan, for allowing both students and educators participating in your projects to successfully reach for the stars!  
Judy Christiansen, West Ridge Elementary School, Harlan, IA

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Congratulations Susan on yet another wonderful project - the third one of yours that we've participated in. Bunny Readers will be a wonderful resource for teachers.
Margaret Dugmore, Computer teacher at Micklefield

We had a wonderful time with this project. Though my group was a little older (3rd grade), I was able to easily adapt the Bunny Readers theme to rabbits as tricksters. We read folktales from several different cultures and compared them. I am already planning for next year's unit! My students have enjoyed looking at the other classes' work and playing the games. I have gotten many ideas from Susan's web projects, and I thank her for sharing her talent with us.
Carole Underwood, St. Thomas More School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Hi Susan,

Just have to tell you again how much my kiddos are loving exploring Bunny Readers.  It has certainly sparked their interest in all kinds of bunny books...and anytime they discover one that another class read and wrote about it's like they've discovered treasure!  You should have seen the run on Bunny Money last week during our library time!  They've gotten so many ideas for their own writing by looking at work written by other kids the same age.  And needless to say they love receiving e-mail about their new endings to Too Many Rabbits.  I've also been pleased by the compliments that they've e-mailed to children in other classes about their written pieces.

We're just having WAY too much fun out here in Oregon!
Thanks "e-friend!"
Pam :-)