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Mrs. Jones' Second Grade Class
Perry Elementary School
Perry Oklahoma


We read Hattie, Tom, and the Chicken Witch (a play and a story) by Dick Gackenbach. Tom is the director of a play that only has dogs, chickens, and pigs for characters. The play is called the “Easter Play.” Hattie is very disappointed that Tom does not have any rabbits in his play. She thinks it must be a mistake. Hattie goes to speak to Tom and straighten this out. The pig at the door wouldn’t let her in. Hattie gets very angry. She runs home and dresses as a chicken to try to get in. Hattie sees Tom and tries to explain that rabbits and Easter go together and how could he not have a rabbit in his play. Tom gives her a job sweeping the stage. This isn’t what she had in mind. Then her big break comes when Linda, the Storyteller, hurts her ankle and can’t do the show. Tom puts her in Linda’s place as Storyteller. Hattie is a big success!
Note: Because we have nine boys and seven girls, we had to have two boys as Storytellers. They did a super job just like Hattie!
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New Endings to the Play

But what happened to greedy Captain Dan?

Why, Dan became the Fried-Toadstool Man. The toadstool is easy to get. It was always there.  Dan wanted it.

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Why he became the Fried-Celery Man.

He didn’t have to worry about tricks and dotted spots and stripes.


Why Dan became the Fried-French-fry Man.

The French-fry was easy to fry. It was always there when Dan wanted it. And he didn’t have to worry about tricky chickens.

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Why Dan became the Fried-Tomato Man.

He can plant them.


Why he became the Fried-Pig Man.

The pig was always there when he needed it.

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Well he became a Fried-Chicken Man and what happened he fried the chickens and after that he ate them.

Why he became the Fried-Worm Man.

They were easy to find and he didn’thave to worry about tricky birds.

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Why Dan became the Fried-Orange Man

It was his favorite fruit and he thought he could fry his favorite fruit.

Why he became the Fried-Tomato Man

He always saw them and picked them and he went home and he cooked them.

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He became Captain Dan the Fried-Hamburger Man because there’s lots of meat in the world.

Why Dan became the Waffle Man

A waffle is easy to make.

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Why he became the Fried-Fish Man

It was easy to fry. He could get them everywhere and it was very easy. He could eat all he wanted.

He can be the Fried-Donut Man because he can eat all of the donuts that he wants.

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Why he became the Onion Man

Because the onion was easy to fry.


Neat writing of imaginative new ending to play.
Use of punctuation and capitals in proper places.
Memorize lines well enough to perform play for audiences.
Show knowledge of cues.
Perform play with enthusiasm and vigor.

Learning Standards:

Students will read and speak using literary expression.
Listen to comprehend, interpret, and respond to imaginative texts.
Write original imaginative ending to a play.
Use a computer to create web page of play performance and to respond too others’ literary work.