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Mrs. Reese's Class
Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


To kick off our study of famous women in March, I read aloud The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward.  In this wonderful tale, we learn how a young rabbit's dream is realized. Though there are obstacles, our main character through her wisdom, kindness, bravery and swiftness attains the "exalted position of Easter Bunny."  There is an online version of this story.

After our initial reading the children discussed the primary story elements.  We identified the cottontail's goal, the problems she was faced with in attaining the goal, and the solutions she applied that resulted in her becoming an Easter Bunny.  Throughout the month of March I share with the children many and varied tales of women who strive for and achieve their dreams.   Each time we look for the problems they faced and how they worked to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal.

A research activity where each child selected a famous woman to read about, resulted in a wonderful series of lifelines.

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The original stories you are about to  read were our first endeavor in the unit.  The children were very impressed by the cottontail’s golden shoes and their powers.  We decided to write our own stories. A list of twenty-two different kinds of shoes was generated.  The children then agreed they would create a story which told how they got their shoes, describe the powers that the shoes possessed, share an adventure and finally let us know where their shoes hang now.

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Ashley and the Golden Jazz Flats

One day I was down in my Nana’s basement and there was a little box in the corner.   I opened the box and there were little golden shoes in it.  My Nana said I could have them.  They had magical powers.  When you put them on, all you have to do is think of a fun place you want to be, and instantly you are there.  I put them on right away.  I thought of Disneyland.  The next thing I knew, I was in Cinderella’s castle.  I had a good time.  Then I said I want to go home and the next thing I knew I was at home again.  I keep my golden flats in my closet.   I take them out when I want to go somewhere fun.

by Ashley B.

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Melanie and the Golden Flippers

I received my golden flippers as a birthday gift from my Aunt Kathy.  My golden flipper’s special powers help me to swim fast.  During an adventure in Hawaii my golden flippers helped me swim under waterfalls and through beautiful schools of fish. What a great time I had.  At the end of the day I hang my golden flippers on a special hook in the pool shed.  There they stay until the next time.  I lock the door behind me.

by Melanie W.

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Katie and the Golden High Heels

Once, I found a pair of golden high heels in a dark cave in the forest.  My golden high heels can make me fly and dance very well!

One day I went into space with my golden high heels on!  On my way I bumped into a few stars.  Soon I landed on the Moon.  I fell into a deep crater and my golden high heels helped me fly out.  After I got out of the crater, I saw some a bunch of aliens standing around me. They were wondering if I was some kind of alien.  I had a great time with them on the moon with my golden high heels.  Now I keep my golden high heels in a safe in my rocket ship.

by Katie O.

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Chris and the Golden Nikes

Once upon a time I bumped into a magical rock.  The rock said, "Hey kid, want these golden Nike’s." I asked, "What is so special about them?" Then the rock said, "They can turn into anything you want."  So I said, "I’ll take them."  When I got them I turned them into a jet and flew around the world.  I saw Egypt, Madison Square Garden, and stopped to see my Dad in Texas.  He asked me where I got the jet, so I told him about the magic rock.   When I got home I turned the Nike’s into a rocket ship.  I went to Pluto to see the aliens.  When I got home I locked my Nike’s in a safe until my next adventure.

by Chris G.

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MaryKate and the Golden Ballet Slippers

One day I signed up for ballet class.  My father said he wanted the ballet shoes from the place.  Mrs. Hearts said she only had one pair left.  She also said I had to take good care of them.  They were golden and they were the right size.

The first day the other girls said that I was a dork.  But the minute they saw my golden shoes they all gasped.  I was doing flips.  I had 3 recitals and I had a solo in each one. It was hard but I didn’t get stage fright.  My shoes are now in a golden box only to be opened by me for ballet.

by Marykate M.

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Richard and the Golden Baseball Cleats

Once upon a time there was a boy named Richard who got golden baseball cleats from his mother for his birthday.  Richard’s golden shoes have special powers.  They make him run faster and jump higher.

Richard went to summer baseball camp.  During practice, Richard ran so fast that no one could see him.  He could jump very high to catch a fly ball.  Everyone was very surprised.  Richard’s golden shoes were so special that he had to hang them in a secret locker so no one could find them.

This was the best birthday present Richard ever got and now he is a very good baseball player.

by Richard M.

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The assessment used for the written stories was twofold.   Your children share edited their stories following a class proofreading outline- i.e., full sentences, capitalization and correct spelling.  They then read aloud their story to their partner who looked for the agreed upon story elements.  When both requirements were met, the story went to final copy.

New York State Standard Two Language for Literary Response and Expression.

We would like to thank Nicole Taormina, our school media specialist  for her help in this project.