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Ms. Ross's Class
Barrett Elementary School
Cresco, Pennsylvania


Our first grade class read The Chocolate Bunny by Maria Claret.  Bertie Rabbit badly wants to help Poppa, but things always seem to go wrong.  Then he accidentally helps his father create a chocolate rabbit!  After hearing the naughty things Bertie Bunny did, and discussing the definition of "naughty," we wrote our own stories about naughty bunnies.   We worked in cooperative groups to write and illustrate the stories.
Click here for some blank handwriting papers that I created.  Feel free to use them!

My bunny is cute. My bunny likes chocolate eggs and hops for eggs. My mom makes beads. The bunny is round and my bunny is funny and it is playful. We like him and he likes carrots. The mom made carrots and the bunny ate it. He got in trouble for eating all the carrots.
By: Nicole, Kodie, and Liza

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The Easter Bunny hid all the eggs.  And Bertie found all of them.  He took all of the eggs. He opened the eggs. The Easter Bunny felt bad.
By: Jonathon, Gregory, and Cody

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Once upon a time a little bunny was throwing eggs at his dad's carving.  Because he was a bad little bunny the dad sent him to bed.  He ran away.
By: Alan, Timmy, and Ryan

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My bunny goes hunting. My bunny dropped eggs on his head and he got grounded. My bunny ate all the chocolate bunnies.
By: Anthony and Zachary

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The bunny stole the chocolate cake and his name is Pop Bunny.  He ate the chocolate cake and his mother got mad at him and he went to bed.  He went outside and ate outside and ate the chocolate cake. He ran away from home.  His mother got sad.  She started to cry and she got mad too and he went into his room.  He got a stomach ache.
By: Moriah, Brianna, and Cheyenne

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My bunny's name is Hairy.  He has floppy ears.  He paints his Easter eggs and he throws them all on his mother's favorite dress.  Also, he needed to clean her dress and then he got grounded.  He never got to go on an Easter Egg hunt again.
By: Nicholas, James, and Andrew

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State Standards for Communications (PA)

1. Listen to others.
2. Participate in small and large group discussions and presentations.
3. Understand the meaning of and use correctly new vocabulary learned in various subject areas.
4. Demonstrate after reading understanding and interpretation of both fiction and non-fiction text.


Students were assessed on this project using the following criteria:
1. Writing includes main idea (naughty bunny) with at least two supporting details.
2. Group work is done cooperatively and includes assigning jobs and making decisions.
3. Illustration corresponds with the story.