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Mrs. Segreto’s Second Grade Class
J.F.Kennedy Elementary School
East Islip, New York


In our search for bunny books, our class read Hopper Hunts for Spring by Marcus Pfister. This endearing story is about a curious little bunny that misunderstands his mother and believes that spring is a person and sets out to look for this new friend. Along the way he does meet new friends and finally understands that spring is time of year. After we read this story, our class discussed all the signs of spring that Hopper saw along the way. We then listed these signs along with others that we have seen around us on chart paper. After reading many poems about spring, each child chose a spring word from our list to create an acrostic poem. Many students were motivated to write more than one and we have them posted here for you to see. The author, Marcus Pfizer, also illustrated this book and blended watercolors for a soft affect. We also gave watercolors a try to express our feelings about spring.

We hope you enjoy!

By Ashley

Bunnies bouncing all around.

Underground are the bunnies.

New bunnies are born.

Nice bunnies.

I like bunnies in every way!

Easy to find.

Shhh they’re sleeping.

By Lauren

Baby bunnies are born

Umbrellas put away

New bunnies will come and play

New flowers are on their way

You’ll be in spring soon

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By Caitlin



Playing outside

Riding bikes


Nice fresh air

Going to fly kites

By Kerri


Grass growing all around

Red flowers popping out of the ground

Autumn comes later after that

Spring then summer, the grass is still growing

Still we are mowing

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Learning Standards:

*Students will read, write, listen, and speak for literary response and
Write original imaginative texts.
Use a computer to create, respond to, and interpret imaginative texts.
Use word processing.
Listen to comprehend, interpret, and respond to imaginative texts.