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This is the second project we have participated in with Mrs. Silverman and her class. We liked doing Owl Prowl so much that we were very eager to participate in Bunny Readers. We have also used Frosty Readers and Winter Wonderland for ideas during the winter months. It is fun for the kids to compare themselves to other students from across the country and even around the world. It is also fun to read the books the other classes used and try the projects they did for their book. Here are some comments from the students:

I liked the writing projects we did for LITTLE RABBIT'S LOOSE TOOTH. Kylie

I liked learning about Rabbits and Hares. Willie

I liked getting e-mails back from other classes. Hallie

Its really fun when other people read our project. Chelsey

I liked that we got to read books about bunnies. Taylor

I liked doing the art projects. Terrance

I like getting e-mails back from different places. Colton

As you can see, there are lots of things we liked about being part of the Bunny Reader's project. What we all really look forward to is getting e-mail from people who have read our project, so please send us an e-mail if you read our stuff!  Hoppy Reading!
Mrs. Anderson's First and Second Graders
Westby, Montana

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These reflections are written by Mrs. Chartier's students at McBride Elementary School.

I liked writing the story and seeing it on the Internet. And thinking about which animal to use in the story. I like the puppy in the story me and Adena did. That's all!

I liked thinking of stuff, and I liked thinking of the animal. I liked it when I had a partner.

I liked the story Too Many Rabbits. My friend Kacy was my partner, and she was funny. We had fun writing our ending.
Heather M.

I like that we made the characters in our story, and then put it on the Internet. I have a guinea pig like in my story.

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These reflections are from students at Micklefield School in South Africa.

It was very exciting - Cayleigh

It was interesting looking at other children's stories - Tessa

It was very fun doing the project - Katherine L

You should check the project out on your computer - Raina

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These reflections are from students in Mrs. Silverman's class at Clinton Avenue Elementary School in New York.

We liked Bunny Readers because everybody would see our stories.   We liked making interesting stories.
Amanda and Nick

I like all the cool online games.

I love this website because it has a lot of information and cool links. I'm thankful that I have Mrs. Silverman as a teacher and that she put our things on the website. You can learn a lot from her.

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These reflections are from Mrs. Newman's kindergarten students in Florida.

We really enjoyed reading all of the fan mail people sent us.  It is nice to know when you have done a good job! Rachel

I liked the music each page had.  Holly I liked reading all of the different stories! Darian F.

I liked the pictures and backgrounds on each web page.  Bruce I liked the stories that had a moral. They had mystery ink too!  Dallas

I liked the different kinds of pictures. They did them on paper and on the computer too! Ian

As a whole, our class really enjoyed looking through the different bunny projects. We particularly liked looking at real pictures of the different classes and wished that every class had included some type of a picture. Mrs. Newman's Kindergarten boys and girls