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You are invited to assess our project.   Please send your feedback to Susan Silverman.

Susan Silverman and her online colleagues remind us once again the power that teachers possess to make our world a better place. These online experiences for students, as well as the process itself, show us the true power of the Internet for building learning communities. What a marvelous set of learning experiences for our children!
Donald J. Leu
Professor of EducationSyracuse University
Home page: http://web.syr.edu/~djleu/home/home.html

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I enjoyed very much the creativity I found on the Web Pages concerning Bunny Readers.  I know that our teacher, Tammy Anderson and her students have had a good time with this project.  This is their 2nd year of participation in the project and I am sure they will continue in years to come.

Wayne Koterba, Superintendent, Westby School District, Montana

I thought the Bunny Readers project was very cute.  I enjoyed reading what the kids wrote. I am glad my son was able to participate in this project. It is nice to have something fun like this for kids to do!

Cindy Nielsen, Parent, Westby School District, Montana

I have really appreciated the opportunities that you continue to provide our blended class of students to participate in writing on the Internet. It is so much fun to see their "published work" and they are so proud of their efforts. Thank you for helping to make writing fun for our children.

Bob Kunders, Principal - McBride Elementary

Mom, You've done it again! Bunny Readers is a wonderful project. I love learning about the different classroom activities and discovering which books children are reading and enjoying. The animated bunnies are adorable. It is starting to really feel like spring!

Rachel Silverman

Another job very well done. My daughter is so excited to see her work up on the computer, as an official author. This is their second time of being issued, and I think it is just a wonderful thing that you are doing for all the authors.
Please keep up the excellent work.

Julie Simpson, Parent of a child of Pam Chartier's McBride class.

Bunny Readers is a wonderful example of how student learning can be shared in a creative and empowering way.  This unit is a wonderful example that shows how the Internet can open the doors for collaborative study.  Not only can a person discover the enthusiasm that students have for this thematic unit, but evidence of teachers learning how to create online interactive quizzes and activities is amazing.
Tammy Payton
webmaster for Buddy System Project
Franklin Science Museum Fellow 1998-2000
Milken National Educator 1998

The website published by Cordova Park Elementary and Mrs. Newman's class was very interesting. This teacher went out of her way to teach this story. She showed her class many different ways to explore a story, though reading, art, vocabulary, and many other things. Mrs. Newman went above and beyond teaching every little thing about this story. She taught the children not only about rabbits but the different kinds and the different things that rabbits eat. Then she went on to teach and explain kindergartners how to express themselves in writing and illustrating their own stories. Mrs. Newman did a WONDERFUL JOB! And she deserves a recognition for a job well done. Parents in this class should be thankful for such an explorative, fun and knowledgeable teacher for their children!
Samantha Puckett, Pensacola, Florida

I have read Ms. Newman's web site and observed in her classroom earlier this year.  I was so very impressed with what I saw and what I read on her site.  She has done an excellent job with her children and the "bunny" theme this year.  I hope you can continue this program in the years to come.  I have no doubts that the children in her class will reap many benefits from this experience.
Clarence Ladner, Associate Superintendent

I just spent such a delightful few hours of fun on the Bunny Reader's site.  This global site is fun and educational for both young and old!   I looked at the site in three categories, design, educational, and  overall appeal and easy of use for young children.

Design: You developed this global site to appeal to young children in its  graphics and music.  Every time I entered a new page the music made me chuckle. The backgrounds were sweet, funny and appealing, especially  the animation.  The design has great kid appeal while maintaining a sense of humor.   I can see children getting lost for hours on the many  different pages.   I cannot wait to show my seven year old niece this site.

Educational: You have definitely hit on the NYS Standards for English Language Arts  in reading, writing, listening and communication. The links to  information, games, books and rabbits were exceptional. The Bunny Hop   site was adorable and the music was great. Mrs. Christiansen's site  was a must see and so informational.  The organization of this site was  perfectly laid out. The games were educational and fun covering  reading, vocabulary, comprehension and strengthening a child's ability  to access information and use the Internet as a tool for learning.  The books were a great resource for teachers and children.  I enjoyed each teacher's site in that they were able to be flexible in how they  approached the projected and to use it in a way that could strengthen their class activities. Some teachers chose to have their students  write letters, poems, stories or plays. And all children a delighted to  see their very own art work on line.  I'm sure parents are delighted to see the class work.

Overall appeal and easy of use: This is one of those sites that anyone can just jump right in and enjoy.  It is easy to use and fun to engage in.  It appeals to your sense of sight, hearing and touch.  The teachers were creative about how they  went about this project and they could get feedback directly to their own class. The depth of this site is amazing! It would be interesting if a bunny read aloud could be an added section so even children who are not out best readers could listen to these stories about bunnies.

This is a fabulous piece of art, technology and educational work!  Susan,  I'm glad your on our Comsewogue Team! You are insightful and creative!

Barbara Lacey, Principal, Terryville Elementary School

I just looked at your cool website. You all did a great job Mrs.Newman's kindergarten class!!!
Mrs. Feysa, parent