Mrs. Conlon's Kindergarten Class
Riddle School
Mattoon, Illinois

Mrs. Conlon's class enjoyed learning about butterflies. We used many different ways to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. Students watched a video of a story on United Streaming on computers in the classroom, drew connection pictures of the story, made murals and editable butterfly snacks.

We collaborated with the 3rd grade classrooms to watch as their butterflies emerged. The 5th graders were in the process of creating a butterfly garden and we loved going outside to see their project.

Our project also coincided with the family literacy night about nature. Parents and students were able to come to school at night and learn about making a butterfly garden. (some of our projects were used for decorations for family night!)

I heard from several parents that were planning on extending this project to home over the summer by planting a butterfly garden with their child. Please watch our power point to see some of our projects in action!



�  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2006