Mrs. Dukic's Library Club
Kowloon Junior School
Grade 3
Hong Kong

In Library Club we talked about butterflies. We visited several interesting websites, read about butterflies, looked at the pictures and watched movies about butterflies. Children were particularly interested in butterfly lifecycle.

 We also used this opportunity to talk about different ways of note taking and discussed the problem of plagiarism.  

Children were free to choose a form and media to create their presentations about butterflies. Some children decided to create a diagram, some wrote a story, some preferred to draw while some wanted to create an audio clip. In their work they used: PowerPoint, Kidspiration, Dazzle (drawing), Photo Story, Audacity and River Past. 

 Coco, Edward and Jenny wrote a hypertext story called A Butterfly Egg.

Click HERE for their wonderful presentation!

Please visit our Library Club website to view the rest of our work.

Main goals of the project:

1. Learning (practicing) research skills
2. Learning to create a presentation
3. Learning to use new software



�  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2006