Mrs. Goddard's Third Grade Class
Lincoln Elementary School
La Crescenta, California

Our study of butterflies began for many of my students when they were in second grade. So we decided to extend our study this year. I ordered butterflies and they arrived right before Memorial Day. We viewed videos about butterflies and their life cycle, read books, visited various internet websites such as enchanted learning and Pics4Learning (copyright free pictures for students to use in their projects) and the resources listed on this project's website.

While we were learning more about butterflies, all of our caterpillars died. We were so disappointed, but it didn�t stop us. We looked in our school garden, at home, everywhere we could think of for caterpillars. We found butterfly eggs, and caterpillars to raise. We then had to find food to keep them alive. Everyone worked together to keep our caterpillars alive.

We received an overnight shipment of new caterpillars from a place in our state. We were so excited to see these caterpillars. We kept a watchful eye on them. We worried when they didn�t move. Then we watched them grow and grow! Finally each one made their chrysalis and we watched and waited. We waited for one of them to emerge.

Finally it was the last day of school and nothing happened. About a half hour after we arrived we discovered that one of the butterflies was about to emerge. Before we went home for the summer all five of our butterflies had emerged. It was amazing! We had five minutes until we were dismissed when we saw that the butterflies were moving their wings. We couldn�t believe it. What a wonderful way to end our school year.

The projects the students made were equally amazing. Here is a sampling of our projects.

Ellie designed a poster.

Poster-Painted Lady Life Cycle

Taylor, Laura, Jenny and HeeRo performed a skit and made it into a movie.

Click HERE to download our QuickTime Movie

Liam designed a triarama about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Butterfly Life Cycle Triarama
butterfly life cycle red felt caterpillar
butterfly chrysalis art work
orange craft butterfly

Elliot designed a game.

photo of butterfly poster game

Katie made a poster.

Illustration: Butterfly Life Cycle

Patrick and Steve made a slideshow in Kid Pix.



�  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2006