Miss Harold's Grade 1 & 2 Class
The King's School
Langley, BC


We started the project with K-W-L with caterpillars/butterflies. Overall, the students did not know a lot about butterflies so I anticipated a high learning curve. I was not disappointed. The students were eager to get started.

We had live larvae in the class. The students spent many hours observing them. We wrote daily in our caterpillar logs. The students spent time learning about the life cycle, using appropriate terminology. We spent a lot of time drawing butterflies in our sketchbooks and then creating using different tools (pastels, scissors, drawing with both hands simultaneously, paint brushes).

Though we were unsuccessful with the real butterflies appearing in our class, we kept up our enthusiasm with the stain glass (coloured tissue paper) butterflies we hung from the ceiling. Students were keen to write poems about caterpillars and butterflies. We ended with a journal entry, �How does the caterpillar change into a butterfly?�

The students enjoyed viewing the pictures submitted to the �Dancing with the Butterflies� blog. Please click HERE to see more of our work.


hanging artwork-butterfly

Butterflies in the Classroom

child's butterfly drawing

Graeme�s answer to the journal entry: I think the caterpillar will change into a butterfly because it eats a lot of food.

child's butterfly drawing

Taryn wrote the following poem:

Pretty Little Butterfly

I see a butterfly, wings like glass and spots

with colours

and a little sipper for nectar.

 Oh butterfly, a pretty sight

(grade 1)


child's butterfly drawing

artwork with a paint cake

Kidpix by Mac(Grade 2)
 1 of 15 pictures he had for his lifecycle slide show




�  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2006