Mrs. Nash's Second Grade Class
Cumberland Elementary School
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin


The lifecycle of the butterfly is part of our kindergarten and first grade curriculum. Because of this, I used this project as an extension project for one of my higher level grade 2 students. In following the UDL model, Travis had the opportunity to approach the task in the way he wanted. We discussed various options and he he was interested in learning a new program and chose Power Point.

Travis was given a set of questions to explore in his research. He selected various books and videos to study. He was encouraged to look for butterflies around his yard, or anywhere else he might find them. He took digital pictures and searched on the web to find out other information. After doing the research, we had a conference and discussed some ideas for his Power Point presentation.

 Travis typed up his findings, inserted digital pictures into his document, and used the drawing tool to paint his own pictures. He wrote an introduction to the project.

two butterflies

I worked on a butterfly project. The first thing I did was I did my research using a modern biology book and eyewitness book and a few books Mrs. Nash gave me. The second thing I did was I watched videos about butterflies. Next I found pictures of butterflies from the Milwaukee museum that were from when my family went in the butterfly exhibit three years ago. My sister Cara found some butterflies and I found a chrysalis at Kletzsch park. Finally I identified some of the butterflies on the internet with help from Susan Borkin who works at the museum. I enjoyed working on this project because I thought it was fun looking at videos and reading books to type up this powerpoint.

I knew some of the info from 1st grade but most of it was learned this year newly. I hope you enjoy my presentation.


�  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2006