Student Resources

Learn How to Draw With Gary Harbo  Gary will show you how to create a cartoon in ten easy steps!  The site is created for elementary students but you'll have fun and might even learn a thing or two!

Drawing Cartoon Animal Lessons  Once you master this skill I'm sure you will find it useful in a political cartoon!

Question Starter After you create your cartoon you may be required to create constructed response questions.  You might find the words in this diagram helpful.  Your first question should begin with a first base word.

Learn to Draw With Kat  If you really feel like a newbie cartoonist, Kat will show you two simple simple pictures.  If you visit this site you'll find out why it's a real hoot!

Cartoon Factory Learn how to make simple faces with letters and numbers.  Piece of cake!

BLS Career Information   After creating your political cartoon you might discover that you've had a hidden talent.  Learn about the salary and employment opportunities for professional cartoonists.

 All You Need to Know About Cartooning Some helpful cartooning tips and tricks at your fingertips!

Caricature Zone This site won't help you get an A on your cartoon assignment, but you certainly have a good time. 

Political Cartooning  Here is a wonderful project that you can do with some of your classmates.  Perhaps your teacher will give you extra credit for this one!