Teacher Resources

Political Cartooning Web Quest  An excellent WebQuest  created in conjunction with this project

Cartoons: FDR and the Supreme Court New Deal Network

2001 Political Cartoons- Newsweek Educational Program

A Catalog of Political Cartoons by Dr. Seuss

Daryl Cagle's Pro Cartoonists Teachers' Guide Lesson plans for middle and high school

Sparks Fly -Suggestions of how to interpret political cartoons

 Political Cartoons Apple Learning Resources

Lesson Plan: Smart Art  A lesson plan  on political cartoons for middle school students by PBS Kids

Great Cartoons A Discovery Channel School lesson

Creating a Jim Crow Political Cartoon Classroom Museum  A comprehensive lesson plan by PBS

Political Cartoons A lesson for fifth graders from the Kent School District in Kent, Washington

Political Cartoons  Includes 4 political cartoon lessons and links

Newsweek Education Programs: Political Cartoons A political cartoon lesson and an interview with cartoonist Mike Luckovich

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