Mrs. Alexander's Second Grade Class
Isle of Hope Elementary School
Savannah, Georgia
The Chocolate Touch


We read the story, The Chocolate Touch, by Patrick Skene Catling. Using Microsoft Paint we drew pictures of our favorite parts of the story. Then using Microsoft Word we wrote 3-5 sentences about our pictures.

The Chocolate Touch is an Accelerated Reader book, so we were also able to take an AR test with the support of our teacher!

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One day John went to school. He had a math test. A minute later John chewed his pencil - it turned into chocolate!



John was walking to Susanís house. He went the wrong way. John found a coin.



John went to the music room he got his trumpet. But when he tried to play his trumpet, it turned into chocolate. Then the children looked at John. The music teacher said John what happened to your trumpet? Then John said it turned into chocolate. Then music was over.



©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005