Mrs. Conti's Third Grade Class
St. Michael the Archangel School
Baltimore, Maryland
The Chocolate Touch

We had a lot fun with this project. After reading the book The Chocolate Touch, the students wrote their own “chocolate touch” stories. Some of them had the same difficulties as John in the story. Everything they touched turned to chocolate, even their friends and family. We have included 2 of these stories for you to enjoy.

We are now in the process of putting together a chocolate recipe book. Each student will bring in their favorite recipe. Then we will compile them into a book, and each child will receive one. Next they will design covers for their books. And, finally, we will select a recipe to make and enjoy in class.

The students not only had fun with this project, but they also learned a lot about where chocolate comes from. They did research during their library/computer classes with Mrs. Laur and Mrs. Libby. The research was used to create an original PowerPoint presentation to share what we learned about how chocolate is made.


Our Stories

One day I woke up and had the chocolate touch! My mom made pancakes but they were chocolate. She only makes blueberry pancakes once a year. And it was the month my mom makes homemade food. We always have takeout. When I went to school it was Amber’s birthday and she brought an ice cream cake. I love ice cream cake. So Amber gave me the biggest piece but it tasted like chocolate. So when it was lunch, I just ate one carrot because I knew it would taste like chocolate. Suddenly the carrot didn’t taste like chocolate so for now my favorite food is not chocolate. The end

by Blair K.

One day I woke up and had the chocolate touch! When I ate breakfast everything I touched turned to chocolate. I was so curious about it that I screamed. And a dragon came in and I touched it. It turned to chocolate too and I ate the whole thing. Then my brother came in and said, “How did you do that!” Later in the day my mom took me to the doctor. He gave me a chocolate shot and I felt better. But I touched him and I ate the doctor. He was never heard from again. So I kept the chocolate touch. The end.

by Sherwin T.

©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005