Ms. Ging's Second Grade Class
Shaw Avenue School
Valley Stream, New York

My second graders really enjoyed being part of the Chocolate Stories project. We began our study comparing and grouping our favorite chocolates. Then they used their five senses to describe their chocolate candy. Children completed a graphic organizer using all of their senses. Of course our favorite sense was that of taste. The following morning we wrote our sense poems and were off to the computer lab to publish our poems using Apple Works.

Our favorite chocolate story was Chocolatina by Eric Kraft. This has become one our class favorites. The children then went back to the computer lab to create their own chocolate person. Our favorite computer specialist Mrs. Shazar created a graphic library of different chocolate wrappers. They used Apple Works to create their fabulous chocolate person. This was a wonderful opportunity for my students to have fun while they were learning.

Sweet Kit-Kat

 My Kit-Kat tastes good

My Kit-Kat smells yummy

My Kit-Kat feels hard

My Kit-Kat sounds crunchy

My Kit-Kat looks like a brown box.

Funny M&Mís

 My M&Mís taste chocolatey

My M&Mís sound kooky

My M&Mís feel funny

My M&Mís smell tasty

My M&Mís look so juicy.

King Size Reeseís

 It smells good and it is kooky

It sounds soft when I chew it

It tastes good and it is sweet

 It feels smooth

It looks like a round circle.

English Language Arts
Standard 1: Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding.
Standard 2: Students will read, write, listen and speak for literary response and expression.
Standard 4: Students will read, write, listen and speak for social interaction.

Technology Benchmarks

Standard 4:
The student is an effective communicator through a variety of appropriate technologies/media.

©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005