Mrs. Goudie's Second Grade Class
Maxwell Elementary School
Woodland, California
The Chocolate Touch
Mary Mahoney and the Chocolate Surprise

Our class enjoyed reading two great chocolate stories. First, as our read aloud, we read The Chocolate Touch. We enjoyed hearing about what happened to John MIdas. We couldn't believe how everything he touched turned into chocolate.

Our favorite story was Mary Mahoney and the Chocolate Surprise. We wondered if she would get caught switching the candy. We were so happy she did get to join the pizza party in the end. There were so many characters in this story and we could relate to all of them.

We took a poll in class asking what our favorite chocolate ice cream was. We created a graph using Kid Pix and each student got to vote (with a little assistance from Mrs. Goudie) on their favorite variety. It was clear chocolate ice cream of all sorts is very popular. Here is the results of our poll. We are including the template if you'd like to try it out.

Please click here to see how we used Kidspiration in our project.


  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005