Mrs. Harris's Third Grade Class
 Charles Wright School
Wethersfield, Connecticut
Assorted Books

Chocolate…MMM!  But A Chocolate Moose for Dinner?  That would not be Easy As Pie! 

 Our third grade class use idioms and figures of speech each day.  One of our class jobs is to find an idiom either from our Idiom Dictionary or from a book marked internet site.  We read them often in our reading.  We even use them in our own writing.  English Language Learners often find idioms and figures of speech difficult to comprehend without repeated use because they really don’t make sense.

 A Chocolate Moose for Dinner (by Fred Gwynne) and Easy as Pie (by Marcia Folsom (my College English professor) and Michael Folsom) made us laugh and say “OHHHHH – now I get it!”  We created a list that is ongoing, of other figures of speech we find in our reading.  This chart is also a reference for us when we write.

   Can you add to our list?

Button your lips

Ant in your pants

Apple of your eye

Green thumb

Hold your horses

Baker’s dozen

Backseat driver

Black sheep of the family

Bite your tongue

Break a leg

Bugging me

Bull in a china shop

Butterflies in my stomach

Lend an ear 

Like a bump on a log

 Made my mouth water

 Name is mud


Cat got your tongue?

Clean as  a whistle

Cool it

Cool as a cucumber

Dead as a doornail

Chill out

Cool it

Down in the dumps

 Easy as pie

 Piece of cake

 Elbow grease

 Fly the coop

 Forty winks

 Full of beans

 Go bananas

 Hit the road

 Kick the bucket

  Under the weather

Once in a blue moon

 Out of the woods

 Over the hill

 Penny for your thoughts

 Pay through your nose

 Playing by ear

 Put your foot down

 Raining cats and dogs

 Rat race

 Roll with the punches

 Saw logs

 Shake a leg

 Sick as a dog

 Snug as a bug in the rug

 Spill the beans

 Tickled pink

 Till the cows come home


We had fun drawing pictures of idioms in our art center.  We also created a computer generated illustration using Claris Works for Kids. 

©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005