Mrs. Hicks' Second Grade Class
 Blanchard Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Hershey's Kisses Addition Book" and Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book


After reading the books, "Hershey's Kisses Addition Book" and "Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book," Mrs. Hicks' class used caramel kisses and milk chocolate kisses to create fact families. The students then recorded their fact families on a template created by their teacher using a program called MaxWrite. As a class, the students created a powerpoint using MaxShow to explain about fact families.
Note:  If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer, click here to download a free PowerPoint viewer.

Using Hershey Mini Candy Bars, students chose their favorite candy bar and created a graph in Excel with the assistance of MaxCount. The students wrote about their graphs, finding information such as:

Most of the class voted for Hershey’s Chocolate.

Two more students voted for Dark Chocolate than Krackle.

We learned all about how chocolate is made from the Hershey’s web page and created a Rags to Riches quiz through Quia. Check out Mrs. Hicks’ web page to test your skills.


Data & Probability:
Sort and classify items according to their attributes and organize data about the items

Data & Probability:
Represent data using pictures and bar graphs

Number & Operations:
Demonstrate fluency with basic number relationships of addition and subtraction for sums
          up to 20

Select an appropriate unit and tool for the attribute being measured

Identify topic, main ideas and supporting details

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