Mrs. Kielty's Second Grade Class
Clarke School
Swampscott, Massachusetts
The M&Ms Addition Book

M&M Math

Our chocolate story was The M&Ms Addition Book by Barbara B. McGrath. Not only did we use m&ms for addition, but we also estimated, sorted, graphed and learned some new math vocabulary.

We began with graphing our favorite color of m&m. Blue was the most popular in our class! After reading the book we were all ready for some m&m math. We used fun size bags of m&m minis. First we estimated how many were in the bag. Next we sorted by color and made bar graphs showing our results.

We made a class pictograph to show which colors were most popular in the bags. Once again blue came out on top!

Next we did some m&m addition and added our colors together. We discovered that most bags have about 50 m&m minis in them. Our class bags ranged from 47-52.

Finally our class used KidPix to create pictures inspired by the book. We used new math vocabulary words-"set', "addend", "sum" and "turnaround fact" in our pictures. Using m&m minis gave us the opportunity to work with adding larger numbers.

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  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005