Ms. Luchese's Second Grade Class
Terryville Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York
Cocoa Ice

My class and I LOVE chocolate, so we were so excited to be part of the Chocolate Stories Internet project! We first had a class discussion about how much we like chocolate and then I asked my class if they knew where chocolate came from. Did it come from a plant? A seed? A bean? “It comes from the store!” My students replied!

I then asked them to think about what children did when there weren’t any stores, how could they get chocolate? How was it made? We read the story Cocoa Ice by Diana Applebaum. In this story, there is a child from Santo Domingo whose family grows cocoa beans and a child from Maine whose family harvests and stores ice. The two enjoy chocolate in different yet similar ways and are connected through the trade between cocoa and ice.

We then became ‘pen pals’, pretending to be either character. Our first draft was done on paper and then we transferred our work onto the computer using KID PIX, illustrating our letter too! When we were done writing our letters we then enjoyed eating some chocolate bars ourselves! Read our letters and see what it would have been like to be the characters in the book!

©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005