Mrs. Madden's Second Grade Class
Blythe Academy
Greenville, South Carolina
Assorted Books

Our class read various "Chocolate Stories" for this project. Our favorites included The M&M's Addition Book and The Chocolate Touch. After reading about chocolate, we discussed our favorite kinds of chocolate treats. These ranged everywhere from candy bars to brownies to Rocky Road Ice Cream. Since we were learning about graphs in math, we decided to collect our own data and show the results using graphs - and of course, we surveyed others about chocolate! Students each created a chocolate related survey question with four to five answer choices. Then students collected their data and created a bar graph on paper. Since Scholastic Keys was a new program for us, we decided to work as a class to create some of our graphs in Max Count. We used our Smart Board for this class project, so all students could learn this new software together.

This is the graph we created in Max Count for Madalyn's survey question: What is your favorite kind of chocolate ice cream?

Then students told facts and asked questions about the graph. After asking so many questions about chocolate, it really made us think about the chocolate that we love to eat. We decided that we were chocolate experts, and would be awesome chocolate inventors. Each child thought of a new "Chocolate Creation" that they would like to invent. Some of the things students thought should be in candy bars included: popcorn, pop rocks, chocolate syrup, skittles, jelly beans, strawberries, and bubble gum! The chocolate creation project required students to list the ingredients, draw a picture of the new candy bar, and come up with a name for it. Again, we used Scholastic Keys (this time, Max Write) as a class to create some of these projects together using the Smart Board so students could learn this new program.

This is Jamel's "Chocolate Creation" in Max Write.

Finally, we discussed that if you were going to create a new candy bar, you would need to try to sell it to everyone. This led to our final part of the project....creating commercials to sell our new "Chocolate Creations". Students had to have a character, a picture of their product, and dialogue using exclamations (which we were currently working on). Again, we worked as a class to create some of these commercials in Scholastic Keys (using Max Show). Students really enjoyed using animation and recording their own voices to their commercials using this software!

This is the commercial created for Snick Crunch using Max Show.

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  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005