Mrs. Popielaski's Fourth Grade Class
Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York
Chocolate Covered Ants

I read the book, Chocolate Covered Ants, by Stephes Manes, to my fourth grade inclusion class. My students used Microsoft Office Word 2003 to compose original stories and poems about chocolate. We also took a survey of our favorite types of chocolate -- white, dark, or milk. Dark chocolate won! Results were tabulated by the students and presented in bar graph, circle graph, and table form, using The Graph Club 2.0.

We surveyed 21 people to find what their favorite chocolate flavors were.  Here are the results!


    Creative Writing

Chocolate, Chocolate
By Christina

  Chocolate, chocolate

Is so sweet

 Chocolate, chocolate

Sticks to my teeth


Chocolate, Chocolate

Is very good!

Chocolate, chocolate…


I just wish I could!

   A Story About a Boy Named Pete

By James

Pete is sad

Because his dad

Didn’t let him

Have any more chocolate.

So Pete stayed in his room

Until his dad said,

“Come down!

Have a little chocolate!”

When Pete went downstairs

He figured out

They had a cake

Covered in chocolate EVERYTHING!

By Selena

Chocolaty goodness

 Hershey kisses

 Oh! I love chocolate!

 Cocoa beans

 Overweight if you eat too much!

 Luscious, smooth, dark chocolate

 A chocolate covered apple

 Tender goodness

 Everyone loves chocolate!

The Chocolate king

By Kyle

         ONCE upon a time, there was a boy named kyle. Kyle loved chocolate so much that his nickname was fudge. He had a chocolate sculpture made of himself.

         One night, Kyle’s friend, Chris, slept over. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the chocolate sculpture came alive! It said, “I am the chocolate king!”

         The chocolate king was no match for Kyle and chris, though! As the chocolate king reached out his hand to grab the boys….they ate him!

Chocolate in the house!

Get it out before I pout!

 And if you don’t, I’ think

 I’ll turn you into a chocolate drink!

by Nick

Chocolate World

By Jacqueline

           If I lived in a chocolate world, everything would be chocolate. The beds would be chocolate bars, and the pillows would be kisses. My house would be a chocolate house. I pool would be filled with chocolate milk, and I would take a bath or shower in chocolate syrup.

           For breakfast, I would eat chocolate chip waffles, and for dinner I would dine on spaghetti with chocolate syrup on top. Oops! I forgot about lunch! I would enjoy chocolate chicken nuggets dipped in chocolate BBQ sauce. For dessert, I would enjoy chocolate cake.

           Oh, I would love chocolate world!

©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005